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9:28 AM Safe is the New Search, and It’s Here

ONTARIO, Calif - Monday, April 6th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Finally the online tool that protects you from the dangers associated with searching the World Wide Web.

Online searching has become an extension of our thought process, one which answers all of our questions, fosters our imagination, and promotes endless learning. The thing is, though, you never know what you are going to get from a search or when you click on a search result link. (pronounced gŏf' bah), the first and only family friendly search engine and mega-site, provides users with a safe and protected Internet experience. Gofba currently has over 30 million users and is well positioned to head towards an IPO.’s lack of pornographic and violent content makes it ideal for those responsible for other people's use of the Internet, meaning families, businesses, schools, colleges, universities, churches, and government offices, in other words, everyone, to search safely.

"Pornography and violence on the Internet create major issues for parents who are worried about their children’s innocence, and businesses aiming to protect their company’s integrity," says Anna Chin, Founder and Chairman of Gofba, Inc. "We want tomake the world a better place."

"In addition, often delivers more useful results than all of the most popular search engines out there today," according to Gofba, Inc., Chief Information Officer, Bill DeLisi. "Unlike other search engines out there that try to filter out this inappropriate content, this content does not exist in the first place on"

Gofba takes security very seriously. Its advanced proprietary algorithms give’s over 30 million users peace of mind knowing that they are protected from inappropriate content. Gofba provides users with the highest degree of privacy meaning that Gofba does not track their users’ browsing experiences, scan their computers, sell their information, or install secret cookies on their computers or devices.

Gofba Search is accompanied by a variety of integrated modules, which the company will release strategically over time. is currently available for your searching and email needs.

To create a Gofba Account go to

About Gofba, Inc.

Gofba, Inc., is an Internet services company incorporated in the state of California dedicated to making a family-friendly Internet experience available to everyone.


Gofba, Inc.

Jordan Larsen,

+1 909-210-1341






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