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Main » 2016 » June » 2 » Major General Al Nuaimi: ‘We Always Strive for Excellence with Proper Planning’
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Major General Al Nuaimi: ‘We Always Strive for Excellence with Proper Planning’

MoI: Winning Two UAMC Awards is Well Deserved

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Sunday, May 29th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) expressed its pride at the recently announced decision by the General Secretariat of the United Arab Media Council (UAMC) to award the Gold Pendant of the First Order to Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. The award comes in recognition of His Highness’s support and development of the UAE's Security Media. In addition, the Security Media Department was chosen as the best Arab security media department for 2016, and this is therefore a well-deserved honor.

Major General Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Chairman of the Minister of Interior’s Excellence Award Committee, stressed that all the achievements in excellence, competitiveness, Arab and International trust reached by the MoI and its various sectors, are as a result of the leader’s enlightened thinking, in regards to the MoI’s progress and development, and also the deep rooted belief of His Highness in the importance of innovation, creativity and proper planning. This is in addition to the efforts and competencies of the security media sector employees, as well as all the staff of the MoI in general.

HE Haytham Ali Yousef, General Secretary of the UAMC, said that honoring HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed with the Gold Pendant of the First Order alongside a group of Arab leaders renowned for their various achievements on both Arab and international levels, was based on a number of criteria and the achievements made by His Highness, which have had an impact on the progress of the security and stability for which the UAE is known. This is in addition to the methods of police work in the UAE, which always stand by the values of righteousness, justice an respecting human rights and dignity. The award of the medal reflects the tireless efforts of HH Sheikh Saif to maintain cultural achievements and the prestigious name of the UAE, which has been achieved despite challenges.

The General Secretary expressed his appreciation for HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed’s role in the development of the Security Media Department, and providing it with all the components to gain a superior position, as well as earning the respect and appreciation of the security media departments of both Arab countries and worldwide. This was possible through the modern practices introduced to Security Media’s performance, as well as positive and meaningful social initiatives, in addition to actively elevating awareness and educational messages aimed at society.

“With this decision today, we are entering a new phase in executing a mutual vision between UAMC and the Security Media Department at the MoI in the UAE, as well as publicizing the successful Emirati media experience.” He said: “We are implementing a framework to encourage other security media departments in the Arab world to utilize these leading media experiences, through significant superiority in the content of the messages, as well as material disseminated by the security media to both traditional and new media outlets, in addition to its presence and effectiveness.”

“The transparency of the UAE MoI’s media communications, as well as its high level of professionalism, fulfils society’s aspirations, and puts the end-user audience at the heart by enabling them to receive information in an easy, honest and accurate way,” he concluded.

Major Fawaz Ali Abdullah, Director of the Security Media Department, said that the Department is the governmental communications arm of the MoI. It is responsible for harnessing the Ministry’s media communications and swiftly delivers them to the public through various media platforms. This raises public awareness and introduces citizens to the Ministry services and achievements; clarifies the various aspects and requirements of our security sense; promotes public safety; and enhances positive behavior and the national spirit; since the public is considered partners in maintaining the gains of security and stability.

He added that Security Media communicates with the public using three languages, English, Arabic and Urdu, and focuses on gaining the trust of the public, newsreaders and social media users, among other followers of the various media outlets. It deals with them with attentively, which fulfils their needs and interests, all while producing journalistic material, TV, radio, publications, Internet, advertisements, recordings, translation, media archiving and documentation, security media periodic publications, and campaigns. It also provides media outlets with print and broadcast materials on its various activities, services and initiatives; especially those which interest the public.

Gaining Public Trust

He continued that the strategy is also fully transparent in its dealings with the media and focuses on improving awareness of MoI services by using all available communication means to reach the target audience and ensure their readiness for rapid and effective interaction with the media and decision makers. The Security Media strategy also aims to maintain public trust in the safety and security of the UAE community, by regularly distributing key MoI messages.

In addition, this strategy focuses on fostering the quality and best use of human resources by training official spokesmen and qualifying them to deal with the media. These efforts include deploying modern technologies to support the objectives and priorities of the institutions, building partnerships, and communicating with relevant federal authorities, as well as local, regional, and international media outlets. The strategy also encourages suggestions in order to ensure the continuous and efficient development of services and operations, as well as interact with the public.

The Security Media plan falls within different phases. It includes all performance statistics and indicators, as well as the current position of the institution, and benchmarking with other international media departments and government communication offices. These benchmarking processes also compare methods and quality of communication.

Work Mechanisms

He then elaborated on Security Media’s working mechanisms. He explained that they are implemented throughout the branches and sections operating under its umbrella. The Press Branch is tasked with sending press materials about MoI services and activities to media outlets, in addition to answering and responding to enquiries and questions posed by the media. The Press Branch also prepares press materials for media and awareness campaigns, according to a program that organizes topics and distribution.

Conversely, the TV Branch coordinates with TV channels for broadcast reports that serve the MoI strategy and foster security awareness amongst the public. This branch provides TV coverage of MoI campaigns and produces its advertisements, in addition to producing and broadcasting documentaries and reports that promote the police institution image and highlight its achievements. The TV Branch also follows-up with the TV production process, in order to ensure its quality of work and coordinate as well as prepare the MoI contributions for live broadcasts.

The TV Branch also documents TV productions and contributions, and works on developing the style used for promoting the MoI’s image. This Branch also works on activating means of communication with TV channels and developing cooperative relationships.

The Radio Branch coordinates with radio stations in order to broadcast news that aims to deepen security awareness among the public. The branch works closely with live programs to intensify coverage of MoI events, as well as producing and broadcasting advertisements and awareness programs. The Radio Branch also provides audio commentary for movies, follows up with radio production operations to ensure quality and communicates with live radio programs for the purpose of coordinating responses to complaints and suggestions.

The Radio Branch also prepares daily radio briefings and breaking news about traffic developments in Abu Dhabi, which are broadcast on all radio stations in the UAE. The branch also works on developing the style of communicating radio messages, activating communication channels and developing cooperative relationships with radio channels. In addition, the branch prepares and provides the weekly police briefing. It is worth mentioning that the radio studio is equipped with cutting edge technologies for enabling best radio broadcasting practices. The studio is run by a staff of nationals that are qualified to conduct these operations and have been trained in the art of radio presentation.

The Institutional Reputation Management Center implements the visual identity standards of the MoI for all materials. The Center prepares and analyzes the results of media studies and research that contributes to promoting security media. The center also assesses the outcomes of campaigns and conducts studies and research about recent developments in the media industry. In addition, the Center oversees and designs MoI publications and disseminates advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

The Institutional Reputation Management Center conducts media, marketing, traffic, awareness, social, and security campaigns, as well as controlling and updating information. In addition, it distributes media materials to websites.

The Director of the Security Media Department also noted that the Media Documentation Section includes various branches, including: archive, coordination, follow-up and statistics branches. The Section archives media visual, audio and print materials within a modern e-system. The Section provides the materials it archives, some of which date back in history to the times of establishing police forces in the UAE.

He continued: “As for the Social Media Center in the Security Media Department, it comprises channels on the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ platforms. The Center is distinguished for its speed and accuracy in covering MoI news and that of and the police Headquarters countrywide, as well as introducing MoI services and spreading messages and awareness campaigns. In the Center, priority is always given to audience interaction and answering their queries as soon as possible around the clock (24/7). It is considered as a vital bridge of communication between the audience and the Ministry - the factor that contributes to enhancing security and social awareness.

The Security Media platform is considered as the first innovative, integrated and comprehensive operations room at the regional level. It has electronic equipment, modern software and high quality technologies that monitor urgent media events around the clock. It also provides footage effectively, and transmits live images from the heart of events to support decision makers in the field.

Supporting Decision-Makers

As for the Governmental Communication and Media Support Section, it uses communication channels to reach out to all segments of the target audience regarding various MoI-related matters. The Section also works on building a more interactive and positive relationship with the media, fostering the MoI’s credibility and enabling employees at the Governmental Communication and Media Support Section to offer the best services to those benefitting from the information, including government entities, media outlets, strategic partners and the various audience segments.

The Section also works on enhancing Governmental communication in supporting decision making, setting policies and contributing to making the initiatives succeed. The specializations of the Governmental Communication Section were identified as the following: enhancing creativity in using media communication channels; utilizing new communication channels, directly communicating with strategic partners; and fostering the credibility and impact of the Ministry media initiatives.

It also fosters the concept of communication within the institutional culture, the skills and capacities of those working in Governmental Communication, and establishing a database that comprises the governmental communication teams at police headquarters-level within the Ministry. On the other hand, the Filming Branch undertakes TV work, police-related activities and event photography, as well as the updating and upgrading of the filming systems.

Conveying the Story

The Security Media patrols coordinate with their platform at the operations room in some cases, in order to execute photography and TV footage of accidents, as well as field footage and providing technical support to the spokesperson during major accidents and crimes. They also organize the on-site filming process of major and complex accidents, and support media coverage of police and security incidents with more comprehensive footage.

Text box 1

Security Media - Achievements and Excellence

The Security Media Department was presented with a number of local and international awards, due to its efforts in implementing the MoI goals and strategies, including the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award, Distinguished Federal Entity in Government Communication, in its 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions in 2010, 2012 and 2014 respectively.

It was also awarded with the Minister of Interior’s Excellence Award in its 2nd and 3rd editions in the field of governmental communication between 2013 and 2015. In addition, it won the following awards: the Global Marketing Effectiveness Award in the United States; the Best Interactive Platform in the Ministry Website category; the “Thank You UAE” Award in Egypt; and the e-Government Web Awards- Best Interactive Platform on Facebook 2012.

The Security Media Department also won the following awards: Best Governmental Practice in the Community e-Participation 2015; Best Strategic Website Award 2015; Global Internet Award – May 2012 for ‘Best Internet Advertising Campaign’ category 2011, the marketing campaign for the 2011 Formula One race. It also won The Marketing Effectiveness Award - First  position for F999 Sports Car Project; the Global Platinum Award for the ‘Corporate Reputation’ category - 2012; The Marketing Effectiveness Award - Second  position - Silver Award for the ‘Non-Profit Entities’ category - 2012; The Marketing Effectiveness Award - Silver Award for Effective Marketing in the ‘Corporate Reputation’ category - 2012.

Text box: 760,000 Media Executions

Numbers and statistics suggest that the Security Media Department completed 760,017 media executions and missions in 2015. This included the press, TV and Radio material, as well as publications, the Internet, advertisements and social media sites across the MoI’s accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+). These executions also related to filming, translation, media documenting, archiving, security media patrols and campaigns.


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