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Major General Al Nuaimi Addresses Overseas Scholarship Students in the UK Regarding the Saif bin Zayed Award

Highlighting the Concept of Unified Identity and Spirit of Leadership for Youth

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Sunday, November 30th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) organized a lecture in London for the UAE overseas scholarship students in the United Kingdom to introduce the Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Award for Overseas Scholarship Students. The award was announced Friday evening during the UAE Student Forum in the United States of America organized by the UAE Embassy in Washington for the fifth year under the slogan “Your Assistant My Homeland”.

The lecture delivered by Major General Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, corresponds with the celebrations of the UAE’s 43rd National Day. The lecture was attended by HE Abdulrahman Ghanem Al Mutaiwee, UAE Ambassador to the UK, along with a number of diplomats.

In his lecture, the Secretary General said: “The leadership of the UAE firmly believe that the human being is at the center of all civilized process, and is the essence behind every developmental thought that will raise the achievements of the country in every level. The UAE’s approach and sponsorship of any creative program reflects the deep keenness for the people and their leaders to march together in strength and stability and to achieve intellectual harmony and national cohesion – thus bringing together all people within the society of the UAE.”

Major General Al Nuaimi explained that the identity and national affiliation of an individual depends upon the adoption of an integrated intellectual system that incorporates emotions and sentiments, values and personal beliefs, and language and religious faith. An individual’s actions are capable of expressing their patriotism, loyalty, and sacrifices. These integral actions can be equipped through science, knowledge, and the development of personal skills that enable the individual to cope with the accelerating nuances and changes of our world.

He said: “The world that we live in today is a world characterized by its challenges and major transitions. These changes have generated a number of economic, political, social and cultural challenges at the level of both individual and state. For those that do not understand the implications of these ambiguous difficulties, it is wearisome to face such challenges and the subsequent consequences of failing to do so. Some of the challenges today that individuals and societies face concern sustainable development, organized cross-border crimes, global mergers of information technology, the status of women, and the ability to make decisions. Individuals and societies must be aware of the consequences that may arise if they have failed to address these major and complicated issues - they must possess the proper mindset and be equipped with the proper tools in order to face the challenges in today’s world.”

Major General Al Nuaimi focused on the minds of the youth and on the thoughts they carry with them – as this is where the march towards development and progress begins. “Sometimes the equation of societal thought gets flipped, where some thoughts of individuals carry more weight and create imbalances which lead to instability. Such distorted thoughts slowly destabilize the most important foundations and principles of social structures. Extremism and radicalized thought has become a major issue of concern for civilized communities, whereas they must seek to achieve an intellectual and psychological balance amongst all segments and social components. The best way to counterbalance such threats and push development forward is based on the cohesive and harmonious efforts of all members under a unified national affiliation,” he said.

Major General Al Nuaimi emphasized that the UAE must stimulate and inspire creativity and positive mindsets amongst the youth.  He stressed that the outlines set by the founding fathers have constituted the base for a modern UAE, but the ongoing journey of development within the UAE requires thoughtful minds and creativity that will build upon what has been achieved, and will add intellectual ideas on a daily basis. He said that national belonging is an essential aspect for every individual. Through the sense of determination, actions, and speeches of our leaders we know we have positive role models to follow in their steps. He continued that our leaders have shaped the future clearly for us, and we need to cherish this with our loyalty and love to the country, and adopt the principles of the country through our emotional and intellectual involvement.  

Concluding the lecture, Al Nuaimi reviewed the organizational structure of the MoI and explained its strategic plan by shedding light on its vision which aims to make the UAE the best country in terms of safety and security. He reviewed the basic idea of the organizational structure of the ministry and the mandates of its departments, councils and sub-committees in order to enlighten the audience about its work mechanism and the security fields it manages; which aims to support these fields with creative ideas and inspire the youth to participate in the awards. The terms and conditions for the participation in the awards were explained with the aim to support the institutional work in the country in general.

Major General Dr. Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi encouraged students participating in the forum to adopt innovation, creativity, and excellence in response to the directives of the UAE higher leadership to make 2015 a year of innovation. He also invited them to take part in the award that is granted to those who best represent that UAE overseas by respecting the laws of the country where they live, the academic entity where they study, and their scientific attainment. The award is also granted to the best innovative idea that presents new concepts to the government and increases the efficiency of the institution. He also called upon the attendees not to neglect any idea they think of, regardless of how small it may be – as any idea executed with faith and dedication could make a significant impact.

It is worth mentioning that the award aims to bring distinguished and creative Emirati scholarship students throughout the world under the spotlight. It is also designed to encourage students to embrace innovation and creativity in fields of police and security work, which include traffic, civil defense and correctional establishments; in addition to non-security areas that serve institutional work. The award also reflects the prestigious representation of the UAE abroad.

The award is comprised of two main categories: the National Representation Award and the Innovative Ideas Award. The National Representation Award will be offered to the top three distinguished students who best represent the UAE and reflect the Emirati identity by respecting the laws and regulations of their educational entity, by participating in community-based activities and environmental volunteer work, and by excelling in their academic and scientific fields.

The Innovative Ideas Award will be granted to students who submit an idea that contributes to realizing the overall objectives of the UAE government, and the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Interior in particular. The proposed idea should be simple, applicable, meet the standards of innovation and excellence, and achieve a positive impact on society.

A work team will be assigned with the task of visiting all the countries where students are currently studying. The award’s conditions and requirements will be posted on the MoI website, while a link will be provided on the UAE embassies’ websites to directly access the award page. A smart application will also be designed in a bid to provide instructions and educational courses about the award.

All scholarship students studying abroad are eligible to apply for the award, according to the formal and technical requirements for application stipulated by the award regulations system. Applicants must have been studying at their specific academic institution for at least six months. The evaluation committee will receive application files via the e- program or via the Institutional Excellence Department. The committee will then assess the applications in order to choose the best six candidates, who will then be interviewed to determine the top three winners in each category.

Winners will receive remunerative rewards and will be awarded the Excellence Badge and the H.H Saif bin Zayed Award Shield.

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