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CellProthera, Pioneer in Cell Regenerative Therapy, Awarded the 2014 UBISTART Prize

A therapeutic approach to severe myocardial infarction, for which one million patients each year would be eligible

MULHOUSE, France - Tuesday, February 17th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- CellProthera has been awarded the 2014 UBISTART prize, under the aegis of UBIFRANCE and the Galien Foundation based in New York. This initiative rewards innovative French start-ups for making major advances in the field of life sciences.

An international panel, consisting of 7 eminent pharmaceutical and scientific experts, chose CellProthera from among 9 projects for its revolutionary treatment of myocardial infarction. All those projects were outstanding and selected from more than 200 application entries. This UBISTART price was officially awarded to Professor Philippe Hénon and Jean-Claude Jelsch, Chairman and CEO of CellProthera respectively, during the 2014 Galien award ceremony held in Monaco on 4 December.

This highly coveted award sends out a clear and meaningful signal at the dawn of a strategic year for the Alsatian bio-technology company, for which the phase II clinical trial is imminent. It strengthens the partnership contract signed with a American company, Biocardia (San Carlos, California), entered into as part of the UBISTART Tour organized in New York by Ubifrance-USA on July 10-11, 2014.

UBISTART – Increased value and growth leverage The UBISTART (UBI Synergistic Transfer for Advanced Research Technologies) prize, in partnership with the Galien Foundation, aims to foster, encourage and reward international partnerships between French and North American companies in the field of health, where the key words are: innovation, scientific excellence and commercial goals.

“Having lifted the 2014 prize, it is extremely grateful to have been recognized and granted this award for the key values which fully match and drive our daily activities. A true gateway to the North American market, the UBISTART prize (for which the Galien Foundation in New York is the partner) represents an outstanding platform of opportunities, perfectly in tune with our development. Moreover, the North American region is one of our key markets. Our partnership with the Californian company Biocardia, delivering the catheters necessary for the intra-cardiac re-injection of the cellular grafts produced by automates which we develop, is closely aligned to this procedure.

On the eve of our international clinical trial, this award boosts our aspirations and justifies our work. We strive to embody French excellence and endeavor to enable this breakthrough to be made available to the greatest number of patients beyond our borders.”

Philippe HENON and Jean-Claude JELSCH

Chairman and CEO of CellProthera

In receiving this award, CellProthera sees new development opportunities and international synergies arising, contributing to its economic and operational sustainability.

Alternative to a heart transplant for 1 million patients per year

As one of the champions of tomorrow, CellProthera, via its approach, has revolutionized the treatment of severe myocardial infarction, avoiding de facto the occurrence of secondary cardiac failure. The biotechnology company has developed a unique therapeutic technique, enabling the structural and functional regeneration of the post-infarctus cardiac lesion.

Additional information and diagrams available on request from the press department.

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