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ADP Medical Services Department to Launch Diabetes and Asthma Awareness Initiative

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Thursday, May 26th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

The Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) General Headquarters (GHQ), represented by the Medical Services Department affiliated to the General Directorate of Finance and Services, recently launched an initiative under the theme “Your Health in Ramadan.” This initiative aims to educate the public and raise their awareness about diabetes and asthma.

Brigadier Saif Hamdan Rashid Al Ka'bi, Deputy Director of Finance and Services at the Abu Dhabi Police, emphasized that the initiative not only aims to improve knowledge and habits, but also provide advice and guidance to diabetics about avoiding the negative effects of either poor or excessive food consumption while fasting. “It is imperative to raise health awareness among people who are fasting about the quality and quantity of meals and medication schedules during Ramadan. This is with a view to maintaining patient health, especially for people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and asthma,” noted Al Ka'bi.

Adding to the comment, he underlined that the Department attaches a great deal of importance to the health of its staff, as well as their families and all members of society. “We are keen to organize awareness and outreach campaigns throughout the year, as well as participating in various medical events aimed at raising awareness of the risks of chronic diseases,” he explained. Moreover, the Brigadier pointed out that the Medical Services Department offers a range of therapeutic services to its staff and their family members, as part of the ADP GHQ strategy of providing its employees with excellent medical care. “This strategy also contributes to strengthening the medical care efforts extended by the UAE and its commitment to implementing an ambitious medical outreach program to improve the quality of health services,” he added.

For his part, Major Tariq Al Junaibi, Head of the Nursing and Ambulance Section at the Medical Services Department, explained that the campaign is part of the annual health education plan. “This plan aims to raise health awareness levels among police staff about many chronic and dangerous diseases, particularly diabetes and asthma. It also seeks to advise and help them to maintain their own health during Ramadan. This is because there was a recently-noted increase in the number of medical visits by diabetics and asthma sufferers during the Holy Month, as a result of complications arising from these diseases,” he explained.

Pharmacist, Dr. Hind Al Wahhabi, Manager of the Pharmaceutical Branch at the Medical Services Department, highlighted the importance of these initiatives in raising awareness of the dangers and complications that can arise with diabetes and asthma. “Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world today. It is also the most chronic disease without a definitive cure, and affects millions of people around the world, of all ages,” said Dr. Al Wahhabi. Furthermore, she emphasized that ADP Medical Services Department was one of the first medical institutions to use modern and sophisticated screening devices to painlessly self-monitor blood sugar, without using injections. “Among these devices, we have the ‘FreeStyle Libre,’ which has proved to be successful and gave good results in controlling daily and cumulative blood sugar levels,” she added.

The initiative featured educational roadshows to spread health awareness messages by conducting preliminary medical screenings. Teams from the Medical Services Department also advised diabetics on the balanced diet they should maintain during Ramadan, in order to avoid the negative effects of either inadequate or excessive food consumption. In addition, they advised on the quantity and quality of meals that people who are fasting should consume. The teams will also be distributing leaflets, scientific research, information and educational materials, including health tips and guidelines to help diabetics, by explaining the proper diet to them for Ramadan.

The “Your Health in Ramadan” awareness activities will run until 1st of June and target the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, the Drivers’ and Vehicles Licensing Department and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. The campaign will start at the Police Departments Complex on Sunday 29th May. On Monday 30th May, the activities will take place at the Capital Police Department. Tuesday 31st May will be focused on the Ministry of Interior’s building. The activities will conclude on Wednesday 1st June at Dalma Mall.

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