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VIABOX™ Solution for Football and Retail

MADRID. - Tuesday, May 12th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

    The system meets Security requirements for stadiums set by FIFA, before, during and after each match.
    VIABOX tracks the behaviour of clients in small and big commercial areas, such as retail, restaurants and transport, saving energy and optimizing services.
    This control box for statistics crowd records and WiFi services can, also, offer multimedia contents at 20 Mbps, where internet can’t be supplied.

(BUSINESS WIRE) VIABOX™ ( is manufactured in Spain by VIABOX COMPANY, and it is a “Smart box” which tracks travellers, tourists, clients, pedestrians, spectators… and offers anonymous stats about their stays and when they return.

VIABOX, meets 80% of the security measures set by FIFA (in English: International Federation of Association Football) for all football stadiums around the world. It can record any anomaly before, during and after each match, with a forecast model and in real time. This will mean a radical change for security measures, enabling comparisons among matches against the same or different rivals, and the setting of behaviour patterns for each match.

VIABOX can help you control air conditioning and manage cleaning services depending on the amount of people rather than the time it is. ( Additionally, VIABOX can share an internet connection, offers safety measures and evacuation plans to improve security.

It is specially indicated for commercial areas and metropolitan zones… offering stats on people flows using those infrastructures and facilities.

This worldwide breakthrough will let you know about visiting patterns for places, facilities…, as well as stays duration or returning rates, in order to establish pedestrian schemes, commercial promotions, security and cleaning services optimization in places such as discos, arenas, government buildings, schools, railways and airports, thanks to its features.

This Smart box weighs 4 kilos, and can be installed either indoor or outdoor with a working range of 2.500 m2, being water resistant, indicated for extreme conditions, with a 10 years lifespan.

VIABOX doesn’t need any special setting, as it only needs to be plugged to the mains and to a running internet connection.

The company plan “My First VIABOX” offers the first device in very economic terms, specially for retail and small areas.


More information:



Tel:+34 91 715 43 37

Carlos Esteban

Cell: +34 606 043 352





P.I. Campollano Calle D, nº 8

28007 Albacete (España)

+34 901 450 100




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