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Main » 2019 » October » 1 » Toilet Paper Innovation Sets Fine Hygienic Holding on a Roll.
4:35 PM
Toilet Paper Innovation Sets Fine Hygienic Holding on a Roll.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -Tuesday 1 October 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

The original patent for the modern toilet paper roll was made in 1883, with the standard design of a long strip of toilet paper wrapped around a paperboard cylinder remaining unchanged for over a hundred years. It seemed so simple and so effective a design that it couldn’t be improved upon. Granted, manufacturers have meddled and tinkered with the size of the roll, and the softness of the paper itself, but the fundamental design hasn’t been challenged since. However, after 135 years, Fine Hygienic Holding is reinventing the toilet roll. This creative new design will change everything you have come to expect from toilet paper, and blow the old designs out of the water.

The concept is simple and elegant, and is sure to not only save consumers money, but also to save them from potentially embarrassing situations: instead of every roll having an useless unfilled paperboard core, this empty space will now come equipped with an additional and convenient travel-sized roll, which can be removed and carried around in pockets and handbags so consumers can never be caught empty handed when out and about. The larger roll will still function as expected, and offers the same high quality and total comfort of Fine’s conventional toilet paper, but with an additional and portable bonus.

Commenting on the new invention, FHH’s CEO, James Michael Lafferty said, “We at Fine are always looking for ways to improve on our existing products, and to come up with creative and innovative ways to better serve our customers. The Duetto Roll, which eliminates wasted space while providing a useful and portable bonus, represents a turning point in the world of bathroom products, and demonstrates once again why Fine is an industry leader in terms of innovation, function, and consumer care. We remain committed to excellence and consistency across our entire range, and to being the consumer’s first choice for hygienic paper products.”

The Duetto Roll will come inside Fine’s full-sized toilet rolls with a minimal charge, meaning consumers can expect better value for money, as well as added comfort and convenience. The Duetto Roll is the latest addition to a long list of Fine products, including facial tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, baby diapers, adult briefs, jumbo rolls, away-from-home products, and many more.


Fine Hygienic Holding

Rana Kawalit,

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