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The “Policing and Security” Conference Kicks off in Abu Dhabi

Under the patronage of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, November 4th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

Al Rumaithi: “Thanks to the wise leadership, the UAE has made significant strides and is steadily moving towards greater progress and development in progress and development”

Al Hajiri: “The UAE enjoys a leading role in the region in public safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management”

Al Ayyan:  “The Conference addresses the current challenges and is of common interest to all countries in the region”

Under the patronage of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, inaugurated on Wednesday morning, the Policing and Security Conference under the slogan “Global Challenges and Local Solutions”, in the presence of a large number of police leaders and officials in the country.

In his speech on the occasion, Major General Al Rumaithi stressed the importance of this conference. Taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre (ADNEC), the two-day conference is organized by Rabdan Academy in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Charles Sturt University, Australia. He said: ”Holding the conference under the patronage of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan grants it significant importance, especially with the participation of a large number of police and security leaders; delegations from Gulf and Arab countries; as well as from Australia, the USA, and the UK; in addition to experts, researchers, and academics”.

He added: “Security is one of the key pillars and strategic priorities upheld by our beloved country, because it maintains the security and safety of citizens, residents, and visitors alike. It is also one of the key factors that contribute to maintain the economic, political, and social gains, preserve the cultural progress, and reinforce the UAE’s prominent stature and leadership in policing and security.”   

Moreover, he pointed out that organizing this conference in the UAE reflects the vision, ambition and the aspirations of the higher leadership to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world in terms of safety and security. “It also demonstrates the keenness to be efficient partners and to cooperate and communicate with other friendly and sister countries in order to face the challenges. The conference also embodies the higher leadership's keenness to provide national cadres with the appropriate training and qualifications needed to effectively develop their competencies and practical skills. Such efforts are essential to stay abreast with the rapid changes and developments taking place in policing and security. The conference reflects the idea envisioned by the wise leadership to attract global important events that would make the UAE one of the major destinations for science, learning, development, and innovation,” said Major General Al Rumaithi.

Furthermore, he confirmed that the conference promotes the scientific methodologies behind police work in the UAE and helps develop a culture of exchanging expertise and experiences and sharing academic research results; as well as making use of the best practices to build a more secure society. It also acquaints attendees with the appropriate methods to combat crime, enforce justice and increase community trust in pursuance of the Abu Dhabi Police’s vision, aimed at becoming the most operationally effective police force, catering to the needs of society with the highest level of integrity and training.

“Hosting the conference by Rabdan Academy is a “milestone” for the Academy, and provides an opportunity for law enforcement practitioners and researchers to discuss ways to develop policing practices, and to avail from the outcome of research and studies in police science. The conference will promote the country’s efforts and contribute to achieving its vision, which considers education and training as an important indicator of progress of development and an engine for economic growth, sustainability and innovation,” noted Major General Al Rumaithi.

The Deputy Commander in Chief of Abu Dhabi Police considered the success of Rabdan Academy in hosting this Conference in Abu Dhabi is a major achievement by all standards. “This is clear evidence of the sophisticated level attained by police and military institutions in the UAE, on par with international standards in terms of scientific, technical, cognitive and informational development,” he continued.

Adding further, he said: “The higher leadership has envisioned a set of aspirations, which require us to further develop the outputs of policing and security educational and training programs, in order to improve performance, upgrade work standards and implement best practices so as to ensure the security, stability, development and prosperity of our country, which in turn would reinforce the security in the region and the world.”

“Within the discourse of the two-day conference, we will be listening to a number of keynote global speakers to learn about the latest developments and innovations in the policing sector in the UAE, the GCC and across the world,” he indicated.

Moreover, Major General Al Rumaithi stressed that the ‘Policing and Security Conference’ will tackle topics of great importance to all of us, because it provides a compilation of local, regional and international expertise in the field of policing and security.

He also noted that the Conference comes less than a month before the UAE's upcoming 44th National Day celebrations. “This reminds us that our country has made significant strides in terms of progress and development, and now ranks among the world’s major and most developed countries, thanks to the vision of our wise leadership, its continuous support and keenness to remain faithful to our authentic culture,” he noted.

“The Abu Dhabi Police is committed to achieving its vision to maintain the security and safety of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi by providing high quality police services to citizens, residents and visitors alike,” he continued.

Major General Al Rumaithi also said: “The speed of response and efficiency of the competent police teams in handling the various challenges prove the advanced professional level attained by the security authorities in the country, which manage to identify and arrest criminals in record time.” Moreover, he indicated that the police are also keen to take all preventive measures that would help reduce and curtail crimes.

In conclusion, Major General Al Rumaithi said: “Our country has made significant strides in terms of progress and development, inspired by the values of construction and giving, initiated by late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and pursued by his Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, with the unstinting support of his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.”

Al Hajeri: Security Challenges Surround the Area

In his address at the conference, Saif Mohamed Al Hajeri, CEO of Tawazun Holding, Deputy Chairman of the Rabdan Academy Board of Trustees said: “It gives great pleasure to welcome you all to the ‘Policing and Security Conference’, held for the first time in the UAE, under the theme “Global Challenges and Local Solutions”, under the generous patronage of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.”

“I am also greatly honored and pleased to address this esteemed gathering that includes brothers from the Ministry of Interior and from the security and military agencies in the UAE, GCC and the world, as well as students of Rabdan Academy, and the police, security and defense colleges, who meet under one roof in Abu Dhabi to discuss the security challenges facing the region and human capacity building,” he added.

Al Hajri added: “The UAE wise leadership has realized early on the enormous scale of security challenges, which extend beyond all boundaries with increased complexity and danger day after day. This requires world countries to endeavor diligently to establish new standards for security education, training, coordination, and search, in a way that would allow those countries to respond to all emergencies and handle potential risks and threats.”

Adding further, he said: “In response to the directives of General HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, the Rabdan Academy has been tasked with establishing a new leading approach that aims to foster integration of education, training capabilities and standards between all institutions via cooperative, joint, and coordinated efforts, in order to reinforce the UAE capacity to protect its security and prosperity.”

The Rabdan Academy is a world class and professional education institution. It aims to provide specialized training for qualifying and developing cadres in the fields of safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management. The Academy also offers an opportunity for obtaining continuous learning qualifications and occupational rehabilitation. This aims to develop the skills and competencies of national personnel and promote services, which in turn would advance career development opportunities via continuous education.

Al Hajri also asserted that the Academy aspires to become a beacon of science and education, a hub for excellence, and a key player in setting quality standards in education and training, within an academic environment that is up to par with the best international standards. “We, at Rabdan Academy, strive to become the first choice for professionals in such disciplines as safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management,” he noted.

Moreover, he said: “The current conflicts and challenges taking place around the world, some of which are still evolving; such as forced migration and asylum; economic challenges; lack of natural resources and rapid technological developments- require the intervention of experienced leaders capable of addressing these challenges, while availing at the same time of the potential opportunities in our rapidly and constantly changing world.”

“Change is the only constant in this day and age. However, the main challenge to leaders is to keep up with the rapid changes. Based on this, Rabdan Academy has undertaken the task to provide future leaders of the UAE with educational and training programs that aim to enhance confidence, capacity, and leadership,” he added.

Additionally, Al Hajri pointed out that change management is one of the main fields of focus at the Academy. Establishing the Academy is a clear indicator to the UAE’s ability and determination to address changes and adapt to the surrounding environment. “Since its inception, four years ago, the Rabdan Academy has grown from a mere concept into a prestigious and modern educational institution, providing internationally and locally accredited programs for the Armed Forces and Ministry of Interior members,” he explained.

“We, at Rabdan, believe in the importance of building cooperative working relationships. To this end, the Academy has been keen to provide a centralized venue to bring together personnel from various institutions under one roof to learn and gain experiences,” Al Hajri stressed. “Providing this model enables students to build long-lasting relations, a key factor in responding to emergency and crisis. Getting well acquainted with personnel working for other institutions and their work methods during crises, builds trust and enables quick and effective response. The Academy also promotes principles of sustained education and adopts best international standards in its work.”

He also explained that the current and future programs and courses offered by the Rabdan Academy prove that the Academy has the necessary capacities and tools to graduate future leaders. “We, at Rabdan, strive to support all aspects of the National Security Agenda, which makes us a unique strategic option as we are fully committed to enhancing national readiness now and in the future, by building capabilities for coordinated, standardized, integrated and efficient response to all incidents,” he noted.

He also noted that providing career training and education under one roof creates great opportunities for partnerships building, ultimately reinforcing local operational capacities. We provide everyone with the opportunity to review this unique education and training system.

He stressed that the UAE is currently at the forefront of countries in the region in the field of public safety, security, defense, readiness for emergencies, and crisis management. This conference provides us with the opportunity to reinforce this role by leveraging your expertise, and by sharing real scenarios, which will contribute to designing an advanced training content and to qualifying students to handle similar cases.

He mentioned that this conference aims to address the emerging and changing challenges, share expertise, and facilitate the optimum use of technologies and modern trends in security and policing. It also serves to build partnerships, which can boost the efficiency of personnel in the security and law enforcement fields. We are striving to work together to set a mutual vision for the future.

Upon the conclusion of his speech, Al Hajiri called upon the attendees to leverage the opportunities offered by this conference to actively participate, exchange ideas and meet other participants. He also urged attendees to work hard to turn ideas into action and to preserve the security and safety of members of society.

Dr. Faisal Obaid Al Ayyan: The Conference is an important event for all the countries in the region

Dr. Faisal Obaid Al Ayyan, Executive Vice President of Rabdan Academy, welcomed the participants in the “Policing and Security Conference: Global Challenges and Local Solutions”, which is being held in Abu Dhabi on 4-5 of November.

“This conference is an important event to all the countries in the Gulf and Arab region, to benefit from the experience and expertise presented by the experts and researchers in the field of crisis, risks and emergency response,” he said.

He pointed that a large number of police and security; delegations from Gulf and Arab countries; as well as from Australia, the USA, the UK and Switzerland, are taking part in the event, to highlight the current and future challenges and risks to the countries of the region, as well as the means to overcome and address crisis and handle emergencies.

“The conference is an important professional, scientific, and academic event, which is being held at a critical and sensitive time for many countries in the region.” He added, “Therefore, it was imperative to review international and regional expertise and experiences; and to showcase the unique experiences of the UAE in the fight against crime. It is also an appropriate occasion to demonstrate the achievements made by the UAE to maintain security and stability and the status attained by the MoI in these fields, as well as the successes which earned the UAE international appraisal and ensured its leadership in an economically thriving advanced environment, in accordance with the highest international standards.”

Dr. Al Ayyan said: “The Rabdan Academy is proud to host this conference, and we are confident that both local and international participants will, gain valuable insights into innovation and excellence in policing and security as well as have the opportunity to experience the exceptional culture and hospitality of Abu Dhabi and the UAE..

He mentioned that the goals of this conference are aligned with the strategy of the Abu Dhabi Government in hosting international events and aim to highlight its achievements and position on the map of specialized international exhibits and conferences. It also comes in line with the strategy of the MoI to make the UAE one of the safest and most secure countries in the world.

He reiterated the keenness of Rabdan Academy to support and encourage scientific research and its long-standing commitment to continuous development by holding such conferences, which contribute to promoting national competencies through advanced curricula that taking into account the latest information on security and policing. This will contribute to achieving the academy’s ultimate goal of preparing qualified citizens capable of protecting the country and its progress.

In conclusion, Dr. Faisal expressed his thanks to the patrons and key partners of the conference for their support in organizing this event. He called upon all participants to make the most out of this event for the benefit of all.

Sacrifices of the UAE’s sons

 Lord Reid of Cardowan, Chair of the Institute for Security & Resilience Studies (ISRS) in London said in the first discussion panel that the UAE has become a key global player in the fight against terrorism and extremism. It also has a major role in safeguarding regional and global security, and strives to ensure the stability of the GCC region.

He hailed the brave stance of the UAE in Yemen and the major sacrifices offered by the UAE’s sons for the security and stability of the GCC region and to instill legitimacy, and eliminate terrorism and extremism in Yemen.

“We, in Britain, highly regard the sacrifices of the UAE’s sons and their martyrdom for security and stability while answering the call of duty,” he said. He praised the significant achievements of the MoI in the UAE to foster security and stability, achieve justice and fight crimes; especially cybercrimes, smuggling, forgery, and infiltration.

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