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8:45 AM
Nordic and Sisvel to Streamline Cellular IoT SEP Licensing

LUXEMBOURG - Thursday, 09. May 2024

Efficient and transparent access to end-product licences from more than 30 patent owners enables massive adoption of cellular IoT devices

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- A new agreement between Nordic Semiconductor and patent pool administrator Sisvel for the licensing of standard essential patents (SEPs) reading on LTE-M and NB-IoT cellular technology has been announced. The agreement creates a framework for easy and transparent access to the LTE-M and NB-IoT radio technology standards for a diverse range of IoT applications.

Specifically, the initiative provides a simple, efficient way for IoT device makers to obtain end-product licences from more than 30 patent owners holding LTE-M and NB-IoT SEPs, through Nordic as the cellular module supplier.

The agreement addresses the challenges posed by the diversity within the cellular IoT market, in which a multitude of companies - from startups to established corporations - are innovating. The wide range of significant initiatives being rolled out in areas such as smart-health, smart-energy, smart-cities and asset-tracking are currently at risk of stalling because of the lack of predictability and transparency in the access to and the cost of SEP licensing.

By offering standardised licences the agreement will reduce business uncertainty and the possibility of litigation. This will allow companies to focus on what they do best - developing new, innovative products and services for the IoT market.

"Nordic Semiconductor has always been at the forefront of wireless technology and we understand the importance of accessible and standardised licensing for the advancement of the IoT industry," comments Øyvind Birkenes, Nordic’s EVP Long Range. "We believe that this solution is a significant step towards a more efficient future for cellular IoT development."

"We are thrilled to have a unique licensing programme for cellular IoT backed by more than 30 patent owners and we believe this new agreement with Nordic addresses a critical need in the IoT ecosystem," says Sisvel CEO Mattia Fogliacco. "Our goal is to create a balanced and transparent licensing environment that supports innovation and growth for all stakeholders."

“We have worked hard with Sisvel and the SEP owners in its pool over the last year to broker this agreement because the IoT market urgently needs transparency and predictability,” says Kristian Sæther, Nordic’s Product Director – Cellular IoT. “Existing SEP licensing in the IoT space is up-in-the-air, putting countless SMEs across the globe developing wireless products in limbo. This new agreement offers efficiency and predictability to our customers. We look forward to seeing our peers and competitors recognise the importance of this work, and joining the pool solution, so that the entire cellular IoT market can operate with more predictability, and on a level playing field.”

About Sisvel

Sisvel is driven by a belief in the importance of collaboration, ingenuity and efficiency to bridge the needs of patent owners and those who wish to access their technologies. In a complex and constantly evolving marketplace, our guiding principle is to create a level playing field with the development and implementation of flexible, accessible, commercialisation solutions.

About Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is a complete end-to-end wireless connectivity solutions provider, with a world-leading position in Bluetooth Low Energy, and an emerging leader in Cellular IoT, NR+, and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, Matter, Thread, Zigbee, and power management. The company’s low power wireless solutions enable millions of IoT devices to connect. Using Nordic’s innovation, its customers and partners across the globe are changing societies and lives for the better by powering smarter, safer, and more sustainable solutions. Nordic’s world-class hardware, software, and development tools are amongst the most advanced in the world, and the company deliver a complete developer experience by offering ultra-low power wireless solutions that are easy to implement, with the best possible support.


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Nordic Semiconductor

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