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MoI: The Sacrifices of our Martyrs are Our Medal of Honors

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Sunday, November 29th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The police leadership of the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Interior (MoI) have expressed their deep pride in the martyrs of the homeland. They noted that the Commemoration Day (known as Martyrs’ Day in Arabic) that falls on 30 November will remain firmly imprinted in the memory of the sons and daughters of this great nation. The leadership have stressed that the heroism and sacrifices of the martyrs will steadfastly remain as medals of honor and pride for the people of the UAE who will always stand in recognition, respect, and gratitude  for the faithful martyrs. The martyrs, who answered the call of duty and gave their lives in defense of truth and justice, have risen to the highest ranks.

The police leadership have added that the convoys of martyrs have embodied the solidarity of the people of this united nation, expressing that the sacrifices of these noble men will forever exemplify what it means to be loyal and courageous. They said that their stories will live on and pass through the generations, serving as both a lesson and example to the youth about sacrifice, the determination to maintain unity and solidarity, and the resolute support for our wise leadership under His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.

They said that dedicating a day that is regarded as a national occasion to commemorate the martyrs, aims to honor and eternalize the men who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep the UAE flag raised high; as these men performed their duties both at home and abroad in every civil, military, and humanitarian field.

The police leaderships prayed to the Almighty God to have mercy on the martyrs’ souls, and to grant them the highest heavens in companionship with the prophets, saints and other martyrs.

Al Sha’far: Martyrs’ Sacrifices

Lt. General Saif Abdullah Al Sha’far, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior, said that each year, the 30th of November will always be remembered by the UAE people who will commemorate those brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives in support of righteousness, in defense of the oppressed, and to restore legitimacy to Yemen.

He added: “Commemorating martyrs’ day every year is a much deserved recognition for the righteous sacrifices that the martyrs made for their homeland. The day marks our deep appreciation for the martyrs who now live on in the brightest pages of our history, and for their families who we have come together as one to embrace and support as our own.  The martyrs are the purest models of sacrifice and redemption; hence they will forever be eternalized in the memory of the UAE and minds of our youth. Their legacy serves as a lesson for the youth in the values and duties of patriotism and belonging, and how defending the nation is the highest level of honor.”

He continued: “Our martyrs made the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep the UAE flag raised high; as these men performed their duties both at home and abroad in every civil, military, and humanitarian field. Commemoration Day inspires us with the most gracious values of dedication, sincerity, loyalty and belonging.”

Dhahi Khalfan: Pride and Dignity

Lt. General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of the Dubai Police and General Security, said that observing Commemoration Day expresses the sincerity of the UAE’s wise leadership in showing the world the true meanings of patriotism. He noted that the day also shows the world how a country gives away its most precious assets for the sake of its pride and dignity, and dedicates a day to commemorate the martyrs and their sacrifices.

He added: “We bow in respect for the souls of our brave, heroic martyrs of the nation; whose names will live eternally as martyrs of honor, courage and patriotism. They have performed their national duty as heroes, and have given their lives in order to keep the flag of the UAE raised high.  Their names and stories will live on throughout the coming generations, as we will remain proud of their sacrifices and add them to our glorious national memory.”

Lt. General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim saluted the brave UAE martyrs and the military who answered the call of duty, and valiantly defended the Arab identity in Yemen. “They have succeeded in maintaining the stability of the region and the stability of our beloved nation and its people,” he said.  “We will continue forth in the path of loyalty, brotherhood, and redemption. We will sacrifice what is most precious to us, our own lives and the lives of our children, in order to protect the UAE. God save our country, our leaders, and our nation.”

Al Rumaithi: Heroic Martyrs

Major General Mohammed Khalfan Matar Al Rumaithi, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, said that dedicating a day for martyrs is one of the higher leaderships’ tributes to the sons of the nations that have contributed to the efforts in every area to develop and construct the nation, building the homeland with their honorable lives. He said that Commemoration Day is to honor the ultimate sacrifice that was given by these men in defense of their country and in defense of what is right.

He added: “On this day, we observe the sacrifices and heroism of the country’s martyrs who gave their lives to defend the UAE’s land, its sovereignty and its security. They gave their lives to defend righteousness, justice and the stability of the region.”

“Countries are built with the arms of its brave men and with the genuine principles and magnanimous stands. The country’s record of heroism, sacrifices and bright lines in its book of glory and sacrifice, along with the group of those brave men, who defended their countries with their souls and blood, have become martyrs. They all make the UAE a role model of generosity and sacrifices. They also made the UAE a strong fort and an oasis of security and stability, and a country of love to the whole world and to humanity. They also made the UAE a country that strives to achieve international security and stability.”

He noted that since its inception, the stance of the UAE has courageously acted in support of its brothers and their nation, and in support of Arab, Islamic, and humanitarian causes. He said that the Commemoration Day is a day in which the nation recognizes the sacrifices made by those martyrs to protect the assets of our country against dark forces of oppression and aggression, and to protect the sons and people of this country. It also reflects the support that the UAE extends for the values of righteousness and justice in any region of the world.

Nasser Al Nuaimi: Martyrs of Dignity

Major General Dr. Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, said: “Today we remember our martyrs and bow in respect to their souls as they have sacrificed their lives to protect the soil that they grew up on.” He asserted that the brave soldiers of the UAE gave the best examples of sacrifice with their blood and their souls in order to keep the UAE as the country of pride and dignity.

“Every year, the 30th of November will eternally remain as day to honor those who have sacrificed their souls for the sake of the UAE and the Arab nation. They will always be remembered by the people of the UAE as a shining symbol in the history of our beloved country that was established on basis of unity, strength and solidarity. The day will also commemorate the values of sacrifice, loyalty and belonging that are engraved in the souls of the UAE people who bravely sacrifice their souls in the lines of duty and battle fields.”

He continued: “The UAE martyrs who died in Yemen etched their illuminated names in the book of history. They exemplify what it means to exhibit belonging and loyalty, and not only that, they are role models for the people of the country.”

Al Khaiaili: Eternally in our Conscious

Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaiaili, Acting Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs, considered the Commemoration Day as a genuine embodiment of noble values, and a promotion of the high status of martyrs that will be narrated to coming generations. The martyrs will always be a source of pride.

He said: “Commemoration Day is an occasion for us to value the status of martyrs in our conscious, and to recognize those that have sacrificed their lives in defense of the country in the lines of duties. We vow to God, to our country, our leadership, and to our people to be members of these groups of loyal soldiers who await the call of duty.”

He added: “The martyrs of the country will eternally remain in our conscious and memory, and their sacrifices will be etched in the book of history with illuminated letters. We are proud of the sacrifices of our brave martyrs, and we assert that our souls are a price we are willing to pay for the sake of our country that provided us with all elements of a prosperous life, and for the sake of our leadership that granted the people of this country with all forms of support and care.”

Al Menhali: Men who Fulfilled their Promises  

Major General Mohammed bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Acting Assistant Undersecretary of Resources and Support Services, said that martyrs are the noblest human beings - after the prophets - and they are men who fulfilled the promises they made to God. “They have embodied what it means to be generous for the sake of the country that they have always been proud of,” he said; as he asserted that the sons of the UAE stand with pride for their country and for their leadership before all other nations, as they exemplify the best models of solidarity and sacrifice. “The youth of the UAE are eager to support their nation and the value of righteousness, even if it means they must give the most precious sacrifice,” he said.

He added: “We proclaim to the whole world that we are a people of a nation that is proud of its sons, its solidarity, and its leadership. The sons of the UAE are the brightest image of generosity; they were strong men in the battle fields who believed in their just cause and in the rights of the country. They obeyed God and reflected the visions of our wise leadership. At the same time, the UAE people were encouraging their children to give all sacrifices for the country.”

He continued: “On Commemoration Day, we stand together behind our children to encourage them to make the most precious sacrifices for the country that is protected by its sons. Our martyrs will live on in the conscious of the UAE, and the sun of their sacrifices will never set.”

Al Raisi: Defending the Country

Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior, said: “Honoring the memories of our martyrs is a day of loyalty and gratitude for the children of the UAE, who were blessed by God Almighty with the honor of martyrdom for defending our precious UAE. They teach us lessons and values we are unable to express, but they will always be stars shining high in the sky of the UAE, as their memories and tales of their heroism live on for generations to come.”

“The benevolent UAE and its wise leadership have relentlessly endeavored to further develop and elevate this country,” he said. “We must repay this with loyalty, which will be reflected in our nation’s security, safety, cohesion and dedication; and by presenting excellent police services, and giving all that is treasured to elevate the name of the UAE in all fields.”

Al Marzouqui: Pride and Honor

“Our martyrs are a true role model and embodiment of sacrifice, belonging, and loyalty,” said Major General Jassem Muhammad Al Marzouqui, Commander-in-Chief of the Civil Defense. “Our wise leadership is dedicated to honor their memory, and to preserve their sacrifices as a vivid example for the children of the UAE.”

“The 30th of November of each year will represent the national Commemoration Day for the martyrs of the UAE alongside the values of loyalty and benevolence that are deeply rooted in our society.” He noted: “Martyrs constitute rich pages of history in the sacrifices of the sons of the UAE, who gave their lives to defend righteousness, security and stability. Commemorating their memory is a testimony to our commitment to our sons who answered the call of the nation and kept its flag high and fluttering in the fields of righteousness and duty.”

“Martyrs are the source of pride and honor for the leadership, their countrymen, and parents - who have given their children to elevate the banner of the UAE and to maintain the stability and peace of the region’s nations and their people,” he said.

Al Shareefi: Fluttering Banner

Major General Abdul Aziz Maktoum Al Shareefi, Director General of Protective Security at the Ministry of Interior, considered the Commemoration Day to be a way of expressing loyalty and gratitude to the martyrs of the UAE for their sacrifices. “They gave their lives to keep the UAE flag raised high and fluttering in the winds, as they carry out their duties both at home and abroad in civil, military and humanitarian fields,” he said.

“The 30th of November is a day to honor the memory of the martyrs and their parents, and appreciate the values loyalty embedded in the UAE’s society.” He added: “As we remember our martyrs today, we honor the sacrifices of our martyrs. The UAE will never forget its loyal sons who gave their lives and instilled the noble values into the hearts and minds of the young generation with their sacrifices.”

“We must instill the idea that countries are built with the arms of men, genuine principles and magnanimous stands.” He noted: “The martyrs have given their most valuable possession, transcended to the rank of martyrdom, and have given their country their blood and souls; therefore they are an example to be followed in giving and sacrifice.”

Al Shamesi: The Greatest of Honors

Major General Salem Mubarak Al Shamesi, Director General of Finance and Support Services at the Ministry of Interior, said that the 30th of November represents the nation’s steadfast memory of the UAE’s martyrs. “Our martyrs gave the most precious sacrifice without hesitation, or fear, for their just cause. Therefore, they received the greatest of honors, as they made history by defending their country and leadership with their own lives,” he said.

He expressed his appreciation for the parents and families of the martyrs. He also pointed to the pride felt for the constellation of martyrs, who gave their lives to defend the country and its security, and proved that they were capable of their duties through their heroism and bravery.

Al Muzainah: Commemoration and Loyalty

Major General Khamis Mattar Al Muzainah, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, said: “The 30th of November of every year will remain a day to live in the memory of the UAE to commemorate those who gave their lives for their country and the Arab Nation and as a support to the righteousness. They shall remain in the memory of the people as a prominent mark in the history of our beloved country, which was built on the strong foundation of true unity, strength, cohesion, and solidarity. They are a source of pride in the values of dedication, loyalty and belonging deeply rooted in the souls of the children of the UAE as they give their lives in the fields of heroism and duty.” He also hailed the initiatives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, for creating a monument for the martyrs in Abu Dhabi, as well as creating the Martyrs’ Families Affairs Office, so the memory of their sacrifice will live on forever.

He pointed that such generosity and sacrifice is a result of the glorious past and the nobility of the present, as they defended the pride, dignity, security, and safety of our children and the future of generations to come.

Ali Alwan: Meaning of Sacrifice

Major General Ali Abdullah bin Alwan Al Nuaimi, Commander-in-Chief of Ras Al Khaimah Police, said: “By their participation in the Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces in Operation Restoring Hope in Yemen, the young men of the UAE embodied the most glorious meanings of sacrifice, glory and heroism to bring peace, justice, equality to those who are in need, and to keep the flag of the UAE fluttering high.”

“The martyrs have reserved, with their sacrifices in all fields, their place in the memory of the country and our hearts, for what they gave for their national and humanitarian duty,” he said.  “The leadership and the people of the UAE are proud of the martyrs, who have kept the nation’s flag high with love and honor and pride in the fields of giving and sacrifice.”

“The UAE’s martyrs have given their lives so we can live,” he said. “They met their maker, but their march will remain immortal for generations, and therefore we have the Commemorative Day to honor their memory and as a tribute to their sacrifices.”

Major General Al Muhairi

Major General Omair Muhammad Al Muhairi, Director General of Police Operations at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, considered the Commemorative Day as a day of loyalty to the righteous sons of the UAE who were martyred in the line of duty while participating in the Saudi-led Coalition forces in Operation Restoring Hope to support the legitimacy and righteousness in Yemen.

He stressed the pride of the Commemorative Day, with the high symbolism it holds, as the martyrs are beacons of pride and honor. He added that the martyrs are men who kept their promise to God and the UAE, and its leadership; and they kept their vows of loyalty and were the first in line to give their lives, and to keep the flag of the UAE flying high.

“The sons of the UAE are, as always, are an example of heroism and high professionalism, as they believe that protecting the country is the duty of its people,” he said. “They were at exemplary levels of professionalism, determination and military expertise and capabilities, and they always held the utmost loyalty to the UAE, its people and higher leadership, as they were the first to give their lives.”

“In honor of the sacrifice of the sons of the UAE, comes the announcement of the 30th of November as a Commemorative Day, as a tribute to these martyrs and what they gave.” He added, “They will always be a role model for the present and the future and all generations, as their heroism will live on and be the source of pride for all Emiratis.”

Al Shamesi: Pride of the UAE

Brigadier Saif Mohammad Al Ziri Al Shamesi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, said: “Commemorative Day is a day to express loyalty and gratitude to those who gave their lives for us and for the UAE, and so its flag will be kept high.” He considered the sacrifice of the martyrs to be a medal of honor for the sons of the UAE.

“The Commemorative Day is an honor for the memory of our martyrs and for those who gave their lives to support righteousness, pride and dignity,” Al Shamesi said. “It comes as an embodiment of the noble values of defending this land and maintaining the achievements of its people, and lending a helping hand to those who are in need in times of war and peace.”

He expressed his pride in the sacrifices of the martyrs to defend righteousness and to answer the call of the nation, “to which we give our lives without hesitation,” he said.

Al Nuaimi: A Sacrifice for the Country

“Our heroes gave their lives for the country and its pride and dignity in order to achieve stability and spread security and safety. This makes us more determined to give everything for the UAE.” Brigadier Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police said.

He pointed that the martyrs gave their lives, so the country can live on, as its dignity and pride are the goals. The martyrs will be immortal in the memory of the UAE and the Arab nation, and we won’t forget those guardians who gave their lives so the UAE can be safe and stable.

“Words can’t express the sacrifices of those heroes, who gave their lives willingly to protect the country.” He added, “They defended righteousness, justice, and helped those in need. They took a united stand to help their brothers in Yemen in Operation Restoring Hope. We are all proud of those martyrs and all the martyrs in all fields.”

Al Mualla: Examples of Sacrifice

Brigadier Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmed Al Mualla, Commander-in-Chief of Umm Al Quwain Police, said: “The examples of sacrifice set by the sons of the UAE to protect the security of our country and maintain the achievements of its people will only increase our determination to fight in the fields of pride and dignity and reach absolute victory.”

He honored the sacrifices of the martyrs who gave their lives for peace and for the security and safety of the entire region, alongside their role in restoring hope and stability in Yemen. “The martyrs, and those that have preceded them, will always be remembered throughout the glorious history of the UAE,” he said.

 Al Kaabi: Values of Loyalty

Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed Bin Ghanim Al Kaabi, Commander-in-Chief of Fujairah Police, noted that the Commemoration Day represents an outstanding value of loyalty in the Emirati society. “Our wise leadership values the sacrifices that the UAE sons have made in drawing a bright story in the UAE history with their blood. They sacrificed dearly to restore the legitimate government in Yemen, defend what is right and to support the oppressed, and restore stability. The sacred sacrifices of the UAE martyrs in all fields will always be remembered,” he said.

“The Commemoration Day is a day of pride for each citizen and resident in the UAE,” he added. “This day highlights the values of dedication, devotion, and belonging that are deeply rooted in the Emirati identity. The martyrs reflected their firm belief in these values by sacrificing their souls in the battlefields and by answering the call of duty.”

Muhammad bin Tahnoon: A Model of Loyalty

Brigadier Sheikh Mohammed bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Director General of Security and Ports Affairs at Abu Dhabi Police, noted that dedicating 30 November to honor the memory of the UAE martyrs builds a monument of patriotism and a model of national loyalty for the coming generations. This day also asserts that UAE’s pride of the righteous martyrs for the UAE in all fields.

“The sons of the UAE are benevolent role models through their loyalty and commitment to their leadership and nation,” he added. “They earned the most sublime medal of honor, as history has written their heroism and sacrifices with illuminated letters that generations will always narrate, remembering the martyrs’ sacrifices for supporting what is right and just.”

“This day reminds us of the heroic deeds the martyrs made,” he noted. “It deepens our feelings of the great sacrifices they made, and the true meanings of national pride and honor that the UAE people in general, and martyrs families specifically have. The government has dedicated this day to lift the martyrs’ names high among the stars.”

Al Harithi: Stories of Sacrifice

Brigadier Eng. Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, said: “The sacrifices of the martyrs are great and limitless. Dedicating November 30th of each year for Commemoration Day asserts the commitment of the higher leadership to eternalize the memory of the martyrs and recognize their heroic deeds as they have sacrificed their souls to defend the UAE. Their virtuous memories will always be remembered in our hearts.”

“The righteous martyrs of the UAE have shone with patriotism in the field of honor. They are placed on top positions of glory and pride,” he added.

He also described the Commemoration Day as a special day where the UAE sons have wrote epic stories of sacrifice, loyalty, and belonging. They did not hesitate in answering the call of duty, although each martyr is not the son of his family that will miss him, but the son of all society who answered the nation’s call of duty and sacrificed his soul defending it.

Al Ketbi: Honor and Tribute

Brigadier Obeid Salem Rashid Ali Al Ketbi, Director General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police, asserted that Commemoration Day is an event to stop and respect each drop of blood that fell on the Arab nation soil to protect it against foreign greed. He also noted that the martyrs are the flags of a victory where words stand speechless in front of their sacrifices, for they sacrificed their souls to free the nation against the greed of the aggressors. They expressed their firm belief in the fact that resistance is the only way towards freedom. “We will always remain loyal to their sacred sacrifices,” he said.

He also described that dedicating November 30th as a Commemoration Day is an example of the genuine noble values that are instilled in the Emirati identity. It also crowns the loyalty of the wise leadership towards its sons who have sacrificed their souls and blood for the glory of their nation and in defense of the values of their nation at any location throughout the UAE or abroad.

“We are living today because of the great sacrifices of glorious martyrs who gave their souls for the benefit of our country,” he added. “We are obliged towards the martyrs to maintain their memory as eternal as their sacrifices. Following the founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the sons of the UAE have exemplified the values of sacrifice and unlimited giving for the UAE. Our martyrs are the best embodiment of these values; sacrificing one’s self is the ultimate example of giving and the greatest thing anyone can sacrifice for his nation and people. Thus they deserve all our respect and appreciation.”

“The care and interest of our leaders in the martyrs’ families, in supporting them, and in attending the various mourning councils is a clear representation of their high esteem for the sacrifices of the UAE martyrs who were competing to earn glory, thus winning our praise.”

Brigadier Mansour Ahmed Ali Al Dhaheri, Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Abu Dhabi, stressed that the Commemoration Day that the wise leadership designated comes to eternalize the memory of the martyrs and acts as a tribute for their sacrifices for the UAE.

“We are proud of the sacrifices of the UAE martyrs who gave their lives to keep the UAE’s flag fluttering high in the sky, as they carried out their duties in maintaining the national gains, and fostering the state of security and stability in the UAE. They helped their brothers restore their rights and have assisted in humanitarian tasks abroad,” he said. He prayed to God Almighty to shower the martyrs with His mercy and to grant them heaven among the prophets and righteous people.

Al Dhaheri: Commemorating the Martyrs

Brigadier Mansour Ahmed Ali Al Dhaheri, Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at Abu Dhabi Police, said that the wise leadership of the UAE designated the Commemoration Day in order to honor the memory of the martyrs, and to recognize their loyalty and faithfulness to their dear homeland.

“We are proud of the martyrs and cherish the sacrifices that they have made, as they have given their lives in order to keep the flag of the UAE raised high,” he said. “They have performed their duties to the fullest in order to protect the gains of the nation; and to enhance the stability and security that is currently being enjoyed in the UAE.” He said that the martyrs had helped their brothers in the performance of their duties and humanitarian missions both at home and abroad. He called upon the Almighty Creator to grant the martyrs peace and to accept them into heaven among the prophets and the righteous.

Al Kaabi: A Day of Loyalty

Brigadier Dr. Eng. Saif Hamdan Al Kaabi, Director of Finance and Services at Abu Dhabi Police, asserted that dedicating November 30th for the Commemoration Day is a significant recognition for the UAE martyrs’ sacrifices. “The UAE is telling the world that we are proud of the martyrs whose names will always be written in the brightest pages of the UAE history,” he said.

“It is a day of showing loyalty and acknowledgment of the sacrifices of the UAE martyrs who paid dearly to maintain the UAE’s banner high,” he said. “They carried out their responsibilities and national duties in the UAE and abroad in military, civil, and humanitarian fields. The coinciding timing of the Commemoration Day and UAE National Day holds the ultimate meaning of pride of those men who fulfilled their promises to God, the UAE, and the leadership to keep the UAE flag fluttering high.”

“The UAE people should be proud of their leadership and their martyrs on the occasion of the National Day. The martyrs have a very sublime position in our souls as the position God granted them in heaven. Thus, the martyrs’ families and UAE, leadership and people, shall be proud of them.”

Al Hajiri: Devoted Feelings of Belonging

Colonel Staff Abdulaziz Ahmed Al Hajiri, Commander of the Special Security Forces, said: “The names of UAE martyrs and their brothers in arms who preceded them in the fields of glory will always be remembered. They represent a role model for the Emirati youth of sacrifice, patriotism, and belonging, as their blood will further increase our firm belief to follow their steps in protecting the flag of the UAE.”

“Our brave martyrs have sacrificed their lives to spread peace and maintain the security and stability of the region by restoring hope to Yemen,” he added. He also expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the martyrs praying that God Almighty would shower them with His mercy and grant them heaven.

Al Muhairi: They Died as Martyrs

Brigadier Mubarak Abdullah Dhaher Abdullah Al Muhairi, Director General of Guards and Special Tasks noted that dedicating November 30th as the Commemoration Day asserts the UAE pride of its sons and its recognition of their sacrifices in protecting the UAE pride. He also noted that the heroic deeds of the UAE sons, since the times of establishment, in supporting the brothers and the Arab causes is a clear embodiment of the wise vision of our leadership.

“Within the framework of its participation in the Operation Restoring Hope in Yemen, the UAE sent its brave sons who sacrificed their souls defending what is right and to maintain the security and stability in the country and the region,” he added. “Designating November 30th as the Commemoration Day recognizes the sacrifices of the heroes who paid with their blood, and expresses our praise for the heroic deeds of the Armed Forces in fighting terrorism.”

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