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8:43 AM
Drink Your Oxygen? Now You Can, With OXiGEN™ Water

Yes, we can all use more oxygen than what we get from breathing

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, March 15th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

There’s no question you’re alive today because you breathe in through your nose and mouth, giving your lungs enough oxygen to keep you going. OXiGEN water takes our ability to consume life’s most important element a step further, delivering activated stabilized oxygen (ASO®) through bottled water so you can take advantage of all the benefits of optimal oxygen levels throughout the day.

OXiGEN is now widely available throughout the UAE, including at Carrefour and its presence is expanding quickly.

OXiGEN water contains a highly stable proprietary O4 molecule that stays in water for at least two years after bottling.  With each bottle comes 1,000 parts per million (PPM) of stabilized oxygen. Most bottled and tap water contains between five and 40 PPM.

“We’re shaking up the beverage industry globally; this is evident from the reaction we’re getting as more people learn about our product,” says Blair Bentham, President & CEO, Formula Four Beverages Inc. “As people start to understand the science and simplicity behind OXiGEN, their first reaction is often ‘wow, sign me up!’ That simplicity is most evident in our ingredients list, which is composed of distilled water, oxygen and sea salt. There’s no sugar,  caffeine, or unhealthy additives.”

The proprietary, active ingredient in our water is ASO®, or activated stabilized oxygen, which is created by bonding two O2 molecules together to create the highly stable O4 molecule. ASO® was first developed by an aerospace engineer in 1956. Six decades and several improvements after its initial creation, ASO® is now exclusively available through OXiGEN as a ready-to-drink, shelf-stable bottled water product.

A six-month, double blind, placebo controlled study completed at Indiana State University showed that the ASO® in OXiGEN goes to work almost immediately. What’s more, the same study showed the statistical significance of OXiGEN’s ability to clear lactic acid faster.

OXiGEN is now available in the UAE. It is distributed by Formula Four Beverages Inc., partner of Mezzan Holding Co.

“We have our sights set on becoming the  premier oxygen products brand globally, and we think we have the precise formula to do that,” says Bentham. “We know consumers are gravitating towards healthier and more natural products. With OXiGEN wate,r we’re giving them a completely functional beverage experience that combines clean hydration and an energy source derived from life’s most essential element, oxygen.”



Danish Khan

Marketing Manager







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