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ADNOC Schools Educate Abu Dhabi Students about Law Respect

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, October 27th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior organized an educational awareness campaign for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) schools. The lecture focused on the law respect culture and methods for instilling this concept within the new generation. By reflecting on the rights and duties of individuals, the lecture focused on introducing such concepts to the students in their early psychological and social formation stages.

During his lecture, Lieutenant Juma’a Al Hosani, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Ministry of Interior, explained the concept of the law respect culture alongside the role of the Social Office in building the law respect culture within the community. “The Bureau assists in educating the community about the laws via a multi-lingual approach that reaches out to the various segments of society in their own language,” he said.

According to Lieutenant Al Hosani, the objectives of the Bureau revolve around the integral aspect of law respect and aim to place law respect amongst the society’s values and ethics. “Abiding by the law is the most prestigious aspect of a developed and civil society. Enforcing the rule of the law aims to regulate human relations, achieve equality and justice, and prevent crime - which are the ultimate aspirations for every civilized society,” he said.

During the lecture, Lieutenant Al Hosani also addressed the features of social media and its positive role in aiding the exchange of cultural knowledge and in unleashing intellectual innovation. He highlighted its negative features as well, focusing on the issues related to lack of privacy and the spread of rumors. “The role of the youth and the civilized generation is to utilize technologies both purposefully and positively – avoiding its negative effects,” he said in his discussions.

Reviewing the reasons that mandate law respect, Lieutenant Al Hosani noted that the law defines the rights and duties of effective individuals, protects and maintains these rights, and achieves justice and equality. “Those who do not respect the law cannot ask others to respect it,” he emphasized, also noting the legal rule of ‘Ignorantia juris non excusat’ (ignorance of law excuses no one).

“Every person must strive to have at least the most basic knowledge that protects him in all of his actions, and to obtain such knowledge from a reliable source,” he said. “One should never rely solely on rumors and opinions.” Lieutenant Al Hosani also explained that the term ‘law’ is not merely limited to regulations; rather, it encompasses all behaviors, traditions and religious values that merge together in support of law and in securing stable societies.

“Students have their own rights, just as every other individual in society,” he said. These rights include receiving quality education and the right to a secure school environment; being treated with respect by the teachers, school staff members, and his school mates; and receiving recognition for his good conduct in the classroom and at school. “On the other hand, students also have a set of duties in regards to abiding by the guidelines,” he said. These duties include adherence to the school system’s policies, regulations and instructions; alongside contributing to and supporting a positive school environment.

Nearing the end of the lecture, Lieutenant Al Hosani focused on some of the behaviors that are criminalized by law and their punishments; which included theft, destruction of public property and physical or verbal assault. “It is essential that students exhibit good behavior and respect the law,” he said. “As these two aspects not only help the student adapt to the law, but they instill these values as an integral part of his culture.”

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