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KAMP-LINTFORT, Germany - Tuesday, September 6th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- IMST is pleased to present the brand new edition of the leading 3D electromagnetic field (EM) Design Suite EMPIRE XPU, based on the powerful Finite Difference Time Domain Method (FDTD). The unique XPU technology guarantees a superior performance for a wide range of applications such as antennas, microwave circuits, components, chip design, medical equipment and much more.

Designing complex modules with highly integrated RF frontends for wireless communication, multimedia entertainment, and 5G mobile applications, for example, can be a real challenge for EM solvers but becomes an easy task with EMPIRE XPU.

The key features of the new edition are:

+ Intuitive 3D design mode

You can easily create and edit sophisticated models in 3D with little or no effort. The 3D design mode allows user friendly modeling and supports unlimited local coordinate systems. It perfec ... Read more »

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LONDON & INGELHEIM, Germany - Monday, September 5th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

    Tiotropium+olodaterol Respimat® with exercise training and behaviour modification significantly increased exercise capacity compared to placebo1,2
    PHYSACTO® trial data also showed improvements in shortness of breath associated with physical activity for people taking tiotropium+olodaterol Respimat® compared to placebo1
    Even in early chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) stages, decreasing activity is a strong predictor of disease worsening and increases the risk of disability and death3,4

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Boehringer Ingelheim today announced the first results from the Phase III PHYSACTO® trial that shows Spiolto® (tiotropium+olodaterol) Respimat®, combined with exercise training, helps people with COPD walk for longer periods of time compared to those receiving placebo.1,2 All participants of the trial were e ... Read more »

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Yoga Book Re-Examines How a Tablet Should Look and Act, with Never-Before-Seen Features Such as an Instant Halo Keyboard and a Dual-Use Stylus That Writes on Paper and Screen

BERLIN, Germany - Thursday, September 1st 2016 [ME NewsWire]

    The Yoga Book harnesses the best of the tablet while introducing new productivity and creative hardware and software, with halo keyboard feature, real-pen accessory and Book UI.
    The Yoga Book’s halo keyboard feature weaves software and hardware into one interface, allowing for a typing experience that far surpasses conventional tablets and matches that of physical keyboards.
    Drawing inspiration from the elegance and simplicity of notebooks, the Yoga Book’s real-pen accessory allows users to write and draw with pen and paper while instantly digitizing their notes and sketches.
    The Yoga Book’s thin and light design, 15-hour bat ... Read more »

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LONDON & INGELHEIM, Germany - Monday, September 5th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

    New WISDOM post-hoc subanalysis suggests the number of people with COPD receiving additional exacerbation risk benefit from ICS may be smaller than previously defined1,2
    People with a combination of frequent exacerbations and a raised level of eosinophils (≥400 cells/µL) may get additional exacerbation risk reduction from ICS on top of tiotropium and salmeterol1,3
    These data inform the clinical understanding that only a minority of people with COPD may benefit from ICS1,3

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Boehringer Ingelheim today announced a new post-hoc subanalysis of the WISDOM study that suggests only 4 out of 100 people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), who have a history of frequent exacerbations and raised eosinophil levels (≥400 cells/µL), may further benefit by adding inhaled corticosteroids (ICS, ... Read more »

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