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TOKYO - Wednesday, February 6th 2013 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Toshiba Corporation(TOKYO:6502) today announced that it will launch a new CCD linear image sensor for bar code readers in September 2013.

The new sensor, TCD1256GAG, shrinks package size to one-seventh that of Toshiba's current product, TCD1254GFG, and has an ultra-small package very close to the silicon sensor die size. It will minimize scan engine dimensions and expand the bar code reader application field.

TCD1256GAG emulates the basic performance and functions of Toshiba's current product, including the electronic shutter function that captures a stable video signal without saturation under ambient light conditions. On-chip sample and hold circuit makes simplifies analog signal processing and reduce layout area.

Key Features 1. Ultra-small package (die-sized package achieved with TSV technology) 2. Electronic shutter function 3. On-chip sample and hold circuit

Applications Barcod ... Read more »
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BOSTON - Wednesday, February 6th 2013 [ME NewsWire]

 (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mechanology Inc., an engineering company involved in developing and commercializing unique expander and compressor technologies with a particular focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy and the energy/power recovery markets has two revolutionary pieces of intellectual property to sell. The Toroidal Intersecting Vane Machine (TIVM) and the Oscillating Vane Machine (Dragonfly). These technologies include prototypes, test data, technical data, 3D models, drawings and assembly procedures, issued, pending, and provisional patents, project files, ECN records, test stands and equipment.


TIVM is a patented positive displacement oil-free expander with unmatched performance in low flow steam applications. Consisting of two moving parts that are self-synchronized, any need for gears or other drive mechanisms is eliminated, resulting in a cost effective solution for power recovery application ... Read more »
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ATLANTA - Tuesday, February 5th 2013 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SIPCO, LLC is pleased to announce that Leviton, a leader in electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, and lighting energy management systems, has become a proud member of the Essential Wireless MeshTM ("EWM”) Patent Portfolio by taking a license to the EWM Patent Portfolio.


SIPCO is a leading innovator of mesh networking and related technology based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by renowned inventor T. David Petite, SIPCO developed technologies enabling robust self-organizing wireless networking and related technologies known as Wireless Mesh in conjunction with IntusIQ. Wireless Mesh is used in protocols such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, IEEE 802.15.4, WirelessHART and proprietary mesh network and in other wireless applications such as SmartGrid, building automation, industrial controls, network backhaul, smart vehicles, home appliances, home automation and ... Read more »
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