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9:12 AM
Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. Announces Patent-Pending Barrier System

Engineering Consulting Company to the Energy Industry Develops New Innovation to Protect Power Plants and Critical Infrastructure

SAN JOSE, Calif - Friday, October 3rd 2014 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., a leading engineering consulting firm known for their industry leadership and innovative solutions to the energy industry, has developed a new patent-pending Modular Wall Barrier System that offers improved protection for nuclear plants and critical infrastructure applications.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires that the nation’s nuclear plants protect against a variety of manmade and natural threats, including, hurricanes, tornadoes and associated wind-generated missiles. Structural Integrity’s innovative missile barrier features a concrete panel with a layer of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and a unique cabling and support system.

“Nuclear plant owners must protect against many potential threats and natural disasters,” said Laney Bisbee, CEO of Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. “We are pleased to offer a patent-pending barrier system that simplifies power plant and high-risk building and infrastructure protection.”

Until now, plant owners had to build a massive concrete wall to protect safety-related systems, structures and components against wind-generated missiles. The size of the wall required (sometimes > 12” thick) presents challenges, as does the fact that it often has to be constructed in a constricted space.

Structural Integrity’s new Modular Wall Barrier System meets NRC requirements and offers a number of benefits over the standard approach. For example, the impact barrier is relatively thin and the modular design allows the system to be easily installed in constricted areas and easily dismantled if needed.

“We are never satisfied with the status quo at Structural Integrity,” said Bisbee. “We are always looking for innovative ways to harness the latest technology to make power plants safer and more reliable.”

In addition to nuclear power plants, this system can meet the needs of any industrial, commercial or military facility that requires protection of critical infrastructure.

About Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.®

Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. is an internationally recognized engineering consulting company in the prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures, with a strong presence in the power generation industry. With headquarters in San Jose, CA, Structural Integrity serves clients worldwide through branch offices located throughout the US and Canada, as well as through affiliates located in China, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan. Structural Integrity’s engineering expertise encompasses a broad range of issues critical to the success of nuclear, fossil and combined cycle power plants, as well as oil and gas pipelines.

Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.
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