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Stole the Victim’s Wallet after Spitting on him

Abu Dhabi Police Shed Light on Latest Pickpockets’ Trick to Warn Bank Customers against Theft

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Monday, December 14th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Abu Dhabi Police shed the light on a recent pick-pocketing incident to warn bank customers against the new trick used by pickpockets to relieve victims of their wallets. The ‘spit and shift’ case took place in one of the most vibrant streets in Abu Dhabi, during which the culprit spat intentionally on the victim’s clothes, then made a show of joining him in wiping the spit off, while using another hand to relieve him of his valuables.

Colonel Ahmed Saif bin Zeitoun Al Muhairi, Acting Director of the Capital Police Directorate, warned against the new innovative and professional methods used by thieves to target bank customers. He noted that partnership between the police institution and community members is a valuable tool to support efforts to maintain the security and stability gains achieved by the country, as well as to spread security awareness among segments of society.

Colonel Al Muhairi urged bank customers to be cautious and to be wary of the ‘tricks of the trade’ used by thieves compiled by the police in order to preserve people’s safety and their money. He reiterated the importance of cooperation between community members and the police in order to provide the best means of prevention and protection to the public. He also urged the public not to hesitate to report any suspicious activities they may encounter while withdrawing money, in order to maintain the state of safety, security and tranquility enjoyed by the country.

Colonel Al Muhairi also called upon the public to be wary of such surprise and unexpected thefts and of individuals that may be monitoring them and waiting for an opportunity to steal from them after leaving the banks while carrying cash. Additionally, he pointed out to the continuous efforts exerted by the Abu Dhabi Police to eradicate this problem.

Elaborating on the details of the incident, Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Khalaf Al Dhaheri, Director of Al Shabia Police Station said: “The station recently received a complaint filed by a Bangladeshi national, (K.K.Z.), who reported that he was robbed. The man said that he had just withdrawn AED 10,000 from the ATM, when a man spat on his clothes with apparent carelessness. He quickly said he was sorry and joined him in cleaning his clothes and left.”

Adding further, Lieutenant Al Dhaheri said: “When the victim finishing wiping off the spit off of his clothes, he checked his pockets, and noticed that the accused had relieved of his money. He tried to look for the culprit, who had already fled the scene, then decided to file a complaint with Al Shabia Police. Acting upon the description given by the victim, the Al Shabia Police Station formed a team and followed up on the case, in order to arrest the accused and bring him to justice.

 It is worth mentioning that the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters had launched several awareness campaigns through the media to warn bank customers of unexpected thefts, and highlight the preventive safety measures that should be taken and instructions on the safe methods of withdrawing and transporting money. The campaigns also shed light on the various innovative traditional, electronic, or sophisticated methods used in the surprise thefts; in line with the Abu Dhabi Police’s security strategy, which aims to promote community awareness.

The Abu Dhabi Police is committed to responding to public reports in order to strengthen security, stability, and crime prevention. Members of the public can communicate with the Abu Dhabi Police via the Aman service to deliver information regarding security and social issues round-the-clock in Arabic, English and Urdu. To do so, they can dial the toll-free number, 8002626, send an SMS to 2828, send an e-mail to Aman via the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters' website, (, or call the Operations Room on 999.

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