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PointGrab Announces New Hand Gesture Control Solution for the Latest Premium Samsung Smart TV Models
LAS VEGAS - Tuesday, January 8th 2013 [ME NewsWire]

2013 International CES

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- PointGrab Ltd., a pioneer in hand gesture control solutions, today announced a new and advanced version of the hand gesture recognition software that will be available on Samsung’s latest premium Smart TV models worldwide. PointGrab’s gesture control solutions have been available on selected Samsung Smart TV models since early 2012.

PointGrab’s patented hand gesture recognition solution empowers consumers to completely immerse themselves and experience true Natural User Interface (NUI) capabilities. PointGrab’s sophisticated and customizable hand tracking software enables a level of human-machine interaction far beyond simple motion detection. Leveraging existing 2D cameras, with minimal impact on processing resources and power consumption, the technology can accurately and reliably track human hands individually and together, detecting both hands separately within the same frame. PointGrab leads the natural gesture-based experience, with mature technology already integrated in over five million consumer devices worldwide, and with a 90% market share.

In addition to hand gestures that are mainly used for controlling the TV interface, such as "flipping,” "pointing,” and "grab,” PointGrab’s new version also includes new and advanced gestures. These unique gestures provide a richer user experience such as emulating touch experience from across the room by using two hands to zoom and rotate, "thumbs up” to instantly apply the "like” action on Facebook and much more. Impressively, the gesture control functions work up to seventeen feet in sunny or low light conditions.

"We are proud to partner with a world leader in implementing and offering new ways of interaction between TVs and consumers,” said Haim Perski, PointGrab CEO. "PointGrab will continue to strive to offer the best technology to support Samsung in this mission. We believe hand gesture control brings value to consumers when interacting with their TV, enabling them to control and interact in an intuitive and direct human way making man machine interaction as simple as an interaction between two people.”

About PointGrab

PointGrab is a leading provider of advanced hand gesture recognition software. PointGrab’s solutions include next generation technology for hand gesture recognition; enabling TVs, PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, and more to be operated by a natural user interface using hand movements. Utilizing a standard 2D camera, PointGrab’s software can accurately track hands individually or together, detecting both hands separately within the same frame. PointGrab’s flexible technology is designed for rapid integration into existing products as a software-only solution.

PointGrab’s market-leading solutions are available since 2010 and are in use with the world’s top OEMs, brands and developers, such as Acer, Fujitsu, Intel and others. PointGrab is responsible for bringing hand gestures to millions of devices around the world, a market share of over 90%.

Founded in 2008, PointGrab is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with representatives across the globe. For more information:



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