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Oerlikon Receives Multiple Orders for the CLUSTERLINE 300 from a Leading Power Device Manufacturer
ME NewsWire / BusinessWire

BALZERS, Liechtenstein - Thursday, October 3rd 2013

Oerlikon Advanced Technologies, a leading supplier of PVD deposition

equipment, has today set a new standard with the CLUSTERLINE® 300 as

the first 300mm system worldwide running thin wafer backside

metallization (BSM) for power devices in production.

Following the successful qualification by a leading power device

manufacturer, Oerlikon has received multiple orders for the

CLUSTERLINE® 300 for production of 300mm power devices.

The new developed processes for devices like Metal Oxide

Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) offer the same

behavior as those qualified on 200mm wafers and enable power device

manufacturers to produce devices much more efficiently.

With the CLUSTERLINE® 300, Oerlikon has successfully overcome the

significant challenges associated with transitioning the

manufacturing of power devices from 200mm to 300mm on thin wafers.

The adaption of 300mm wafer production for power devices requires

innovative solutions and the addition of higher degrees of automation

and wafer handling capabilities.

Depth of experience

Over 10 years ago Oerlikon qualified the first solutions for 200mm

power device manufacturing at customer sites, and today the thin

wafer handling and processing capability of the CLUSTERLINE® 200 is

the established solution at all major power device manufacturers as

well as foundries. Oerlikon has a proven track record of overcoming

technology challenges to provide the most innovative solutions that

deliver the highest productivity and lowest cost of ownership.

Oerlikon’s long term experience with power device production

processes was a key element in achieving an accelerated qualification

and enabling the successful transition from 200mm to 300mm volume


Oerlikon’s solution for BSM applications – for example Ar/H2 etch,

AI, Ti, NiV (Ni), Ag (Au alloy) have been successfully proven in

production for extremely thin bare wafers and thin wafers on


For frontside thick Al processing the CLUSTERLINE® 300 offers

enhanced capabilities which incorporates some unique Oerlikon

developed IP. One example of this capability is the Ti/TiN Highly

Ionized Sputtering (HIS) physical vapor deposition (PVD) modules.

"We are pleased to offer customers a comprehensive solution for 300mm

power device manufacturing with the CLUSTERLINE® 300. The platform

offers both frontside thick Al and thin wafer backside metallization

(BSM) for 300mm power device manufacturing. This announcement is an

important endorsement of our solutions on 300mm from a leading power

device manufacturer. We look forward to building on this success and

continue to focus to deliver the highest productivity, best cost-

per-wafer output”, says Andreas Dill, CEO of Oerlikon’s Advanced

Technologies Segment.


OC Oerlikon Management AG

Burkhard Böndel

Head of Group Communications & IR

T +41 58 360 96 02

F +41 58 360 98 02


Oerlikon Advanced Technologies AG

Sven E. Jarby

Head of Marketing & Communications

T +423 388 4878

F +423 388 5426




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