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Main » 2018 » September » 9 » Kuwait Today Delves Further In Digital to Stay Close To Customers
9:30 AM
Kuwait Today Delves Further In Digital to Stay Close To Customers

Kuwait City, Kuwait-Saturday 8 September 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

The news and media website founded in 2014 by Clinton Misquitta is a web based news site with its main consumers being social media users. Kuwait Today offers the latest local news about Kuwait locally and globally for daily consumption. In July of 2018, the four year old company announced on a few other platforms, that it had gained viewership for news about Kuwait on social media and digital.

Kuwait Today is the go-to news and media company that shares an outstanding style of storytelling which spans across lifestyle to facts and humor pieces. Surfing through the website, one will notice that its news and content distribution model do not exclude classified ads and business directories. Kuwait Today shares every bit of positive and negative news about the country. Readers can now learn about all latest events or activities coming up in Kuwait through the company site and what parts of Kuwait to explore. The site also has a rich selection of trendy, Kuwaiti news, allowing customers to visit for the latest headlines.


Kuwait Today now currently has a strong online community presence as, it is fully digitally active across all digital media platforms from the business to socials. The company is very active on its Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn platforms. On these platforms, the news and media company has been able to maintain a level of connection with its readers - bringing the State of Kuwait to the world with current news and creatively written stories or pieces. Across its six different social media pages, Kuwait today shares conversational posts that seek to create a positive spark with its readers. These posts are all encompassing and paint a beautiful picture of the Kuwaiti lifestyle, while also sharing trending news from its website.

Specific Pages

For foreign visitors to the site, Kuwait Today offers an entire page about the history and culture of Kuwait, as well as its consulate and embassies in dedicated pages. The company does not seek to arm only natives with information; dissemination spreads outside the country and these also include making attractive tourist sites available to the outside world for visitation purposes. Kuwait today is simply a media company that not only shares current news about Kuwait, but is the go to website for anything that needs to be known about the country.

Potential immigrants from countries outside Kuwait interested in being a permanent resident in Kuwait or learn about travel ban in the country now have dedicated pages on the site to surf through. Kuwait Today links readers directly to the immigration site of the State of Kuwait, where information can be sourced about all kinds of immigration processes that the country offers to foreigners and intending residents.


Kuwait Today has expanded its audience beyond the local sphere and as such, now has audiences on both sides of the global spectrum. The company can be perceived and seen as one that provides the needed content for anyone looking to digest some news on the State of Kuwait. The company not only targets local readers and the country natives in the diaspora, but also readers from other countries. Kuwait today circulates news that benefit audiences interested in a host of topics ranging from aviation to humor.

The company’s target audiences are also those who are particular about cultural and religious preservation and want to keep track of activities coming up during the celebration of these periods. A larger percentage of the website’s consumers who are mostly on the internet through one technological device or the other and rely on virtual information to either stay in touch with happenings back home or search for some information or the other for visitation purposes. The Kuwait Today audience can be grouped into two categories: individuals interested in humor, facts, lifestyle and businesses looking to place their ads on a Kuwaiti website with clout; in the State of Kuwait. The company prioritizes the needs of its followers, making sure to improve on the quality of news rounds that are distributed daily.

As people interested in either temporary visits or keeping up with happenings at the home country, it is imperative that the right sources are explored. Such is the nature of content released out of Kuwait Today. This is a company that clearly places customers first in strategic decision making processes, making a wide range of information available and ready to them at their safest comfort.


Kuwait Today

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