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IntervalZero Releases RTX64: Breakthrough Version of Its Real-Time Software
WALTHAM, Mass. - Monday, January 14th 2013 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- IntervalZero today announced the release of RTX64 2013, the first 64-bit version of its hard real-time software that transforms Microsoft Windows into a real-time operating system (RTOS).

The RTX64 real-time subsystem, which extends the capabilities of Windows to deliver hard real-time performance, is scalable from 1 to 63 real-time processors, more than doubling the real-time-processor capacity of IntervalZero’s latest 32-bit product, RTX 2012. IntervalZero said it will continue to develop RTX as it accelerates the development of RTX64.

RTX64 has a symmetric-multiprocessing-aware scheduler that utilizes both priority-driven and pre-emptive algorithms to ensure critical thread context switches. Yields to threads of higher priority occur in the sub-microsecond range. IntervalZero said it has added a series of informational videos on RTX 64to its Web site.

"This is an important and exciting product release,” said IntervalZero CEO Jeffrey Hibbard. "It is the culmination of a massive, two-year development effort by our Engineering team and most importantly, RTX64 is the only true, native 64-bit extension of the Windows operating system.

"It was built from the ground up to dovetail specifically with Microsoft’s Windows 64-bit operating system and complies with all licensing requirements for both Windows Pro and Windows Embedded Standard implementations. We’ve been very encouraged by beta Customers’ reports of remarkable performance gains and for having direct access to more addressable memory, which is required in today’s high-definition world.”

SMP-enabled RTX64 is a key component of the IntervalZero RTOS Platformthat comprises x86 and x64 multicore multiprocessors, the Windows operating system, and real-time Ethernet capabilities to outperform real-time hardware such as DSPs and reduce the development costs for systems that require determinism or hard real-time.

Hibbard noted that the shared memory model between the Windows processes and the RTX64 RTOS processes enables significant scalability, and more importantly eases development and debugging because the entire application can be developed on single OS instance rather than multiple OS stacks.

Competing approaches require a cumbersome interprocess communication framework that must be implemented with redundant data and replication, Hibbard said. "This causes unpredictable latency. RTX64 provides direct access to shared memory and lightweight interprocess communication across all cores, offering optimal determinism, and the debugger helps the developer take advantage of this.”

In 2012, IntervalZero outlined a strategy to broaden the scope of its solution through a vertically integrated RTOS Platform that combines trusted, proven technologies and innovative new technologies to deliver cost and performance breakthroughs in markets that require hard real-time or deterministic capabilities for high-precision, high-performance applications. Hibbard said the release of RTX64 is part of that ongoing effort.

IntervalZero is a Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner and was recognized as a leading Windows Embedded Partner worldwide in 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009. IntervalZero is a member of the Intel Embedded Alliance and RTX’s value in digital signal processing is featured on Intel’s web site.



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