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Main » 2018 » July » 2 » In the Year of Zayed, the UAE-Iceberg Will Quench the Thirst of Humanity
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In the Year of Zayed, the UAE-Iceberg Will Quench the Thirst of Humanity

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 1 July 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

National Advisor Bureau Limited announced the launch of the official UAE-Iceberg Project website: to highlight the most significant stages of the project, and its intended benefits in relation to the environment and the economy.

The Launch of the website coincides with the Year of Zayed, as the project aims to support the response to water calamities such as drought worldwide, and support other water projects aimed to promote the humanitarian work.

It is worth mentioning that the National Advisor Bureau Limited put forward the project of towing icebergs from Antarctica to the coasts of the UAE to leverage them as new sources of water in the region. The project was met with wide international media coverage, and commendations from different international competent bodies.

A scientific committee is now being set up consisting of scientists, experts, and specialists in the nature of Antarctica, icebergs and marine science, in addition to initiating collaboration with water research centers and universities worldwide.

The company is currently developing a unique technology which would reduce project costs, ensure zero ice melting during the transportation phase, and facilitate water-transfer processes to costumers at minimal costs. The details of the advanced technology are expected to be officially announced during the fourth quarter of this year.

Reportedly, the cost of the project is estimated at USD 50-60 million. The pilot phase of the project will kick-off during the second half of 2019 towards the coast of Perth in Australia, or the coast of Cape Town in South Africa. It will be followed by the necessary steps to tow the icebergs to the eastern coast of the UAE during the first quarter of 2020.

Moreover, the project would place the UAE on the glacial tourism map as the first desert country to offer glacial tourism on its coasts, saving iceberg enthusiasts the trouble of travelling to the North and South Poles.

The icebergs are expected to cause a unique climatic phenomenon as the cold icebergs would attract the clouds over the Arabian Sea to the center of the icebergs, thus creating a vortex that will cause rainfalls. It will also assist in providing fresh water to the region, making the UAE a hub for exporting water to the world.

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