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Main » 2015 » September » 14 » Female MoI Members: Martyrs’ Mothers Give their Beloved Children to the UAE
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Female MoI Members: Martyrs’ Mothers Give their Beloved Children to the UAE

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, September 8th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

Female members of the Ministry of Interior have expressed their pride towards the mothers of the martyrs for raising the children of the nation to embrace the meaning of sacrifice, courage, and redemption. The members said that the mothers of the martyrs are the finest and most authentic examples of what it means to be an Emirati mother.

The women also added that the martyrs’ mothers are symbols of true courage and are adorned with the crown that comes with being a mother of a martyr; as they have given their dearly loved children for the beloved nation to defend and answer the call of national duty.

Al Kathiri: Example of Real Mothers

Colonel Expert Dr. Nawal Al Kathiri, from the Forensic Evidence Department at Abu Dhabi Police, praised the resolve and patient strength of the martyrs’ mothers when faced with such a loss. “These women are prime examples of what it means to be an Emirati mother,” she said. “The martyrdom of their sons is like an adorned scarf that decorates these women with pride and honor and serves as a translation of their love for the country.”

“The 30th of November each year is dedicated to the martyrs of the nation. On this day, we will commemorate those who answered the call of duty and gave their lives in order to defend the homeland. It is a day that represents the pride, dignity, and loyalty for our nation, and represents yet another form of social unity between the leadership and its people,” she said.

Al Jabri: A Courageous Mother

Lt. Colonel Dr. Iman Al Jabri, member of the teaching staff at the Police College, described the martyr’s mother as a mother of courage.  She added: “She should be proud that she has received this title from God, as she has become an example for and a role model of the Emirati mother and woman.”

She emphasized that the strength, cohesion, and unity of the Emirati people has increased as a whole. “Our sons are heroes who will never be deterred from fighting for what is right or from extending a helping hand to their brothers,” she said.  Lt. Colonel Al Jabri pointed out that the UAE mother raises her children to have an attitude of humanitarianism, instills within them a tender love for their homeland, and builds them up with courage and to never fear death, for it is written and only God knows,” she said.

Al Jabri congratulated the courageous mothers of the martyrs by saying that the feeling of motherhood is matchless, but the sense of patriotism goes deeper.  “We ask God to grant you patience and to compensate you with good,” she prayed.

Al Baloushi: Regards for Martyrs’ Mothers

Major Amina Al Baloushi, Chairperson of the Emirates Women Police Association (EWPA), said: “We stand in appreciation and gratefulness for the souls of our martyrs and for their great sacrifice. We also stand in tribute and in gratitude for the martyrs’ mothers who raised their children to embrace sacrifice, courage and redemption, and who will forever be remembered for their honorable gesture.”

She added that the martyrs’ names are engraved in the path of glory and pride with letters of gold. “Their names will forever be etched in the memories of the nation,” she said. “God will count the wages of the martyrs and will compensate this great nation for the lives that were lost on the battlefield in defense for what is right in the land of Yemen.”

She continued by saying that the martyrs are the pride of the nation and an honor that adorns their mothers. “We are proud of our martyrs who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of truth and to defend the homeland,” she said as she gave her regards to the mothers of the martyrs. “We pray that God bestows his mercy upon them and places them among the martyrs and prophets in heaven,” she said.

Manahi: The Finest Examples of Loyalty

Major Faten Mohammed Manahi, Strategy Branch Manager of the Strategic Planning Section in the Office of the Director General of Finance and Services, expressed her pride and honor for the brave host of the UAE’s martyrs. “We stand in reverence and admiration for the mothers of the martyrs, for they have given what is most precious to them, their children, to the homeland,” she said.

“The mothers of the martyrs have painted the finest image of loyalty and faithfulness, and lead by example for UAE and Arab mothers. Through their patience, they have proved that all of the various segments of the UAE share the spirit of community and cohesion.”

“Today we applaud the mothers of the martyrs for the honor of their brave sons’ martyrdom; the men who rose to the occasion and answered their nation’s call of duty in defense of human dignity,” she said. Major Manahi prayed to God Almighty and asked Him to grant the mothers with ample amounts of patience and solace, equal to what they had given their sons in love.

A’laa Mohammed: The United House

Captain A’laa Abdul-Aziz Mohammed, from the Ministry of Interior, said that the mothers of martyrs gave the most precious of sacrifices so that the country would stay protected and strong. She noted that the united society of the UAE is inherently characterized by love, benevolence, and camaraderie; and provides help and support to those in need. The nation’s children are soldiers that fight for what is right and legitimate.

“The mothers in the UAE are the makers of heroes,” she added. “Thanks to them, the dear homeland will stay strong and mighty with pride and honor.” She offered her deepest condolences to the families of the martyrs, and prayed to God Almighty that they dwell in heaven and rest in eternal peace.

Al Dari: The Most Beautiful Mothers

Captain Mayada Mohammed Al Dari, Head of the Excellence and Public Relations Branch at the General Directorate of Human Resources in Abu Dhabi Police, said: “The mothers of our martyrs are the source of our pride, as they raised their martyred sons well by nurturing them and instilling of patriotism within their hearts.”

She added: “They will be gravely missed, and we cannot help but grieve – but at the same time, we can feel proud, knowing that tomorrow, and for the generations to come, our martyred children are heroes and have achieved great things. We shall not forget that God Almighty blesses this nation with the reward of the martyrs in the afterlife.”

Al Rumaithi: A Medal of Honor and Pride

Alia Al Rumaithi, Radio Branch Manager at the Security Media Department in Abu Dhabi Police, expressed her pride in what the Emirati heroes have achieved in Yemen. “Their noble martyrdom was for the sake of defending the truth and supporting the oppressed,” she said.

“Pride, honor, and determination are the most prominent qualities shown by the mothers of martyrs,” she said. “Through their strength and patient composure, they have given the souls of their children for the sake of what is most valuable, the nation, as it is a duty and an honor for those to be chosen by God to defend what is right.  These men have been distinguished from the rest, with their names forever illuminated throughout history and etched in the warm memories of our hearts.”

Sabah: The Strength and Cohesion of the UAE people

Captain Reem Sabah, from the Strategic Planning Section in the Directorate General of Security Support at the General Secretariat of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, expressed her pride for the mothers of martyrs. “These women gave birth to the heroes who defended righteousness and legitimacy. They have given their sons for the sake of the nation and are a source of its pride,” she said.

She said: “We dedicate our lives to our benevolent and supportive country, the nation that has protected us and cared for us.” She pointed that the martyrs have strengthened the bonds and cohesion amongst the loyal people of the UAE. She prayed to God Almighty to shower them with mercy and to grant them eternal peace in heaven.

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