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3:37 PM
Fakih IVF Extends Support to All Women Battling PCOS

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-Wednesday 11 September 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is among the most common causes of infertility among women in the UAE. In order to address this issue, during the ‘PCOS Awareness Month’ in September, Fakih IVF is looking to reach out to all women by providing them with services that would educate them more on the subject.

PCOS is the most common endocrinopathy (hormonal disturbance) affecting reproductive aged women, with a prevalence of between 8 percent and 30 percent depending on the population studied. The frequency of the condition is relatively higher in the region mainly due to hereditary, ethnic and lifestyle influences.

Dr Michael Fakih, medical director of Fakih IVF said, “The root cause of PCOS is a significant amount of hormonal imbalance, with its symptoms severely impacting a woman’s self-confidence. At Fakih IVF our staff is equipped with the best expertise and resources to help fight all factors leading to infertility, while ensuring every woman gets the best medical treatment.”

Approximately 25-30 percent of women in the GCC of Middle Eastern and South Asian origin are known to suffer from PCOS. To better cater to this section of women, Fakih IVF will also be offering fertility checkups including consultations, AMH test & ultrasound all month long.

Dr Monikaa Chawla, MD FRCOG (UK) Consultant Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility – (OB & GYN) said, “PCOS can be complex causing drastic variations in the reproductive, metabolic and psychological features. Infertility is the most prevalent presenting feature of PCOS with an estimate 75 percent of these women suffering infertility due to anovulation.”

“Lifestyle modifications which includes a nutritious and carb-controlled diet, coupled with physical exercise, are the first-line treatment options for adolescent girls and women with PCOS,” added Dr Chawla.

The condition can occur at any age, but is highly prevalent among adolescent girls particularly battling weight issues. The symptoms associated with this condition vary, but are most commonly known to cause irregular or absent menstrual periods, hirsutism or increased hair growth, alopecia or baldness, oily skin leading to acne, weight related issues, infertility or difficulty in getting pregnant.

Fakih IVF Fertility Center is one of the leading Infertility, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Genetics and IVF centers in the GCC region with centers in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. With several state-of-the-art technologies, the center is continually advancing in the field of reproductive medicine across the region.


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