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Main » 2019 » September » 1 » Doctors Urge Residents to Get Flu Vaccine before Schools Begin
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Doctors Urge Residents to Get Flu Vaccine before Schools Begin

Taking a shot before the start of flu season in September

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 1 September 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

With flu season around the corner, and schools just about to begin, Emirates Hospital-Jumeirah is launching a campaign to emphasise the importance of getting the flu vaccine and taking all the necessary precautions to prevent the risk of getting sick and contracting life threatening illnesses due to the Influenza.

The campaign is scheduled to begin on September 1st and will provide vaccinations to patients of all age groups at AED 99 including consultation from healthcare providers at the hospital. Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah, a subsidiary of Emirates Healthcare Company, is an internationally recognised 100-bed beacon of progress in the region’s healthcare system. The company owns and operates an extensive portfolio of full-service hospitals, specialty clinics, urgent care centers, aesthetic and cosmetic clinics and pharmacies.

“Influenza vaccination or flu shot, is a seasonal vaccine that protects against Influenza A, B and their strains that causes severe flu infections. It is recommended to be taken annually, as every year it is updated to include the main viruses known to cause the flu,” said, Dr Yanal Salam, Specialist Internal Medicine, Emirates Hospital – Jumeirah.

Each year, the flu virus strikes any time between September to April and increases the probability of contracting several mild to chronic respiratory illnesses caused by different strains of the virus. The flu vaccine is known to lower the risk of getting affected by more than 50% which could otherwise cause severe complications. Complications are reported particularly among infants till 5 years of age, older population ie- 60 years and above and in high risk patients with medical conditions such as asthma, chronic lung diseases, heart disease, diabeties, chronic liver and kidney disorders, blood related disorders, neurological disorders, weak immunity and individuals with morbid obesity.

The vaccine makes the body immune towards contracting the flu usually within two weeks of administering the shot, and protects against Influenza A H1N1, Influenza B and H3N2. Getting the vaccine on time and taking the necessary precautions also helps prevent spreading in the community.

The side effects of the flu vaccine are reportedly mild and known to subside gradually. Patients usually complain of soreness, redness or swelling of the area where the shot was administered or low-grade fever and muscle pains. In adults the flu shot most often causes headache, muscle pain and fatigue. In either case the symptoms last for 1-2 days and does not require any treatment.

Some other factors to keep in mind to avoid getting infected include maintaining highest level of hygiene at all times, having foods rich in Vitamin C to build immunity, covering mouth while coughing or sneezing to prevent the spread of infection and visiting the doctor if experiencing fever, cough or chills.

Lastly, it is also important not to send the children to nursery or school when they are infected to prevent the spread across to others.


About Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah:

An Emirates Healthcare Company, Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah is an internationally recognised 100-bed beacon of progress in the region’s healthcare system. It provides personalised, real-time healthcare solutions, and its core values are Simplicity, Accessibility, Agility, and Empathy.

Located on Jumeirah Beach Road alongside the Dubai Canal, Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah is home to some of the world’s leading medical professionals, and it delivers the highest quality of healthcare.

Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah partners with regulators, institutions, insurers and manufacturers to develop and nurture new ideas and long-term strategies that create positive change in people’s homes and everyday lives. Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah is operated by NMC Health Plc; KBBO Group is the largest single shareholder of NMC.

Emirates Specialty Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City is an Emirates Healthcare Company. A 90-bed facility with superior technology and experienced, internationally-trained staff, Emirates Specialty Hospital delivers an unrivalled range of much-needed specialties.

Emirates Healthcare is a subsidiary of KBBO Group. A leading holding company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, KBBO Group invests in healthcare to safeguard the region’s communities, and to help deliver world-class medical outcomes powering an inclusive and improved quality of life.

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