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CURE Pay: How CURE Token is Making Cryptocurrency Accessible

CHICAGO-Tuesday 21 December 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Cryptocurrency made huge leaps in mainstream adoption throughout 2021. With popular brands and companies accepting and getting involved in the crypto space, it feels like this tech is here to stay. Cryptocurrency and the Decentralized Finance movement offer infinite possibilities for growth, but there are many roadblocks still standing in the way of mainstream adoption. One of the biggest is accessibility.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are still hard for many to understand, not to mention navigate. It doesn’t matter how great a project is if the average person can’t figure out how to buy and hold it. Jacob Beckley, founder of CURE Token, realized this and created a solution.

CURE Pay is a new, easy way for anyone to invest in CURE Token and make a difference. CURE Pay makes buying CURE Token as simple as any e-commerce transaction. After check out, a digital wallet is automatically generated for investors, and this wallet also holds all future CURE Token purchases. Investors can check all relevant information about their investment on an easy-access dashboard on the CURE Token website. This also unlocks other features of the website, including educational videos on how to invest in crypto.

CURE Token, backed by the Beckley Foundation and created by Jacob Beckley, is a cryptocurrency with purpose: bringing awareness and aid to those affected by pediatric cancer. CURE Token helps families directly through grants that help cover living expenses, monthly and medical bills, and more. CURE Token works to bring transparency back to charity by showing investors exactly where their funds go: directly to the families in need.

Within the first three hours of launch, CURE Pay brought in $28,000 in sales. To learn more about CURE Token and purchase your own using CURE Pay, please visit

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