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Main » 2018 » October » 10 » Beyontec Introduces Accelerator Tools to Enhance Functionality of Existing Insurance Systems
9:19 AM
Beyontec Introduces Accelerator Tools to Enhance Functionality of Existing Insurance Systems

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 9 October 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

The technology needs of insurance companies keep changing with the growing expectations of the end consumers. However, replacing existing systems to enhance process functionality is not an option for insurers which is why Beyontec has introduced a set of ready-to-use accelerator tools that fill the process gaps in core systems, in a compliant and cost-effective manner.

Beyontec Accelerators are pre-configured, tailor-made, real-time plug-in solutions that cater to the unique requirements of insurance companies. They integrate seamlessly into existing core systems, expanding their functionality and eliminate the need to replace existing systems with costlier options. Beyontec accelerators are currently implemented by many leading insurers to add new features and improve specific processes. Some of the ready-to-use accelerators introduced by Beyontec are:

Risk Accumulation Accelerator: A tool that helps visualize and map risk-exposure to take more informed underwriting decisions.

Financial Analytical Accelerator: A must-have tool for CFO’s as it helps configure adhoc or specific analysis and reports, as required by regulators and the company board.

Accelerator Portals: A set of self-service portals that help extend your business on the web and caters to brokers, customers, re-insurers, surveyors, garages, pharmacies and the company employees.

EVG Accelerator Bot: This easy-to-operate and quick-to-deploy bot helps insurers in the UAE region be EVG compliant while eliminating human errors and reducing cycle-times.

Claims Recovery Accelerator: A tool that makes the process of claims recovery between insurance companies transparent, faster and more efficient by minimizing manual intervention and paper work.

AML Accelerator Bot: This bot helps insurance companies validate the personal as well as financial details of the insured before offering quotes, ensuring AML compliance.

“With our many accelerator solutions, we help insurers enhance the functionality of existing systems by adding new processes or filling process gaps in current systems. These tailor-made accelerators can be easily integrated in to any existing system, to enhance the core functionality and efficiency while complying with regulatory requirements.  The accelerators give insurers the much-needed competitive edge with improved functioning and reduced operational costs.” concluded Vivek Sethia, Co-founder at Beyontec Solutions DMCC.

ABOUT BEYONTEC:                                                                    

Beyontec Solutions is a global insurance solution provider, addressing all aspects of insurance business including general insurance, takaful, life, medical insurance and insurance broking. The Beyontec Suite a workflow driven, highly configurable solution from Beyontec is designed to provide end-to-end solutions addressing the business needs of insurers. Our diverse insurance experience and knowledge has enabled us to create solutions that incorporate the world’s best insurance practices. Supported by experienced insurance professionals and support centers equipped with secure infrastructure, we provide the best service and support to global insurance companies. For more information, visit



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