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Main » 2017 » June » 11 » Automotive Manufacturer BORGWARD Group AG Officially Appoints Exclusive Distributors in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait & Bahrain
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Automotive Manufacturer BORGWARD Group AG Officially Appoints Exclusive Distributors in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait & Bahrain

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -Sunday, June 11th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ]
BORGWARD Group AG, the global automotive manufacturer, has appointed exclusive distributors across the GCC, including:
Bahrain: Yusuf Ebrahim Mohamed Al Awadi, Group President, Yousif Awadi Group
Kuwait: Nael Zayani, Managing Director, Al-Zayani Trading Co.
United Arab Emirates: Raymond MA, President, Union Motors LLC
The signing of the Arab distributorships is the first indication that the rebirth of the BORGWARD automotive brand has recognised the Middle East as a core market for the international car company. This also sets the foundation for BORGWARD to enter the GCC with local dealerships offering first-class and luxury customer experience.
Held in Bremen, Germany in the presence of Mr. Martin Günthner, Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, attendees for the contract signing ceremony from the BORGWARD Group AG team included Mr. Ulrich Walker – CEO, Mr. Tom Anliker – Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Mr. Tomas Caetano – Executive Director of Global Brand & Marketing.
“Accessible Premium “– The BORGWARD Brand Decoded
The rebirth of BORGWARD is undoubtedly the most exciting event in the international automotive market. This excitement does not pale in comparison to the “Accessible Premium” comparative advantages of BORGWARD vehicles. “Accessible Premium” merges classic BORGWARD brand values with contemporary position and technologies. Committed to its heritage, BORGWARD is a German automobile brand for precision, progression and outstanding quality of product.
BORGWARD – Rich in Innovation and Racing Victories
Founded in 1919, BORGWARD employed more than 23,000 workers and sold more than one million vehicles including the BORGWARD Hansa 1500, launched in 1949, Germany’s first pontoon-style body to become the trendsetter in German automotive design; the BORGWARD Isabella, launched in 1954, integrating design, performance and fuel economy to be renowned as one of the most beautiful cars in the period; BORGWARD P100, launched in 1959, an engineering masterpiece – it was the world’s first  automobile with a self-levelling air suspension.
In addition, between 1950 and 1958, BORGWARD was actively involved in international racing circuits. The Hansa 1500 team made remarkable achievements in the famous 24 Heures Du Mans, Nurburgring 1000km, La Carrera Panamericana and Autodrome de Montlhéry, breaking 12 world records. In total, BORGWARD broke 51 world records in international racing. Now, after more than half a century one of the most revered names in the German automobile industry, “BORGWARD”, is reborn.
New Brand Innovation
BORGWARD continues its German heritage and its commitment to innovation, now bringing a new line of intelligent vehicles and alternative drivetrains to markets worldwide. By emphasising on consumer’s needs in the new era and with a forward-thinking approach, BORGWARD is bringing in a new luxury experience with the launch of their first Red Dot and IF Design award-winning intelligent SUV’s: BX5 and BX7, backed up by digital manufacturing, advanced technology, distinct personality and providing a new “Accessible Premium” choice for consumers. Other exciting models in the line-up include the innovative TS, EV and HEV.
BORGWARD Group AG is a globally-active automotive manufacturer that is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany with three research centers across the globe. In its heydays in the late 50’s of the last century, BORGWARD was the 3rd largest German car manufacturer, employing more than 23,000 people and selling more than one million vehicles. After more than half a century, BORGWARD, an iconic and highly-praised German car brand, is proud to announce its return. With its global strategy and its innovative, dynamic and high quality vehicles, BORGWARD has set its path to return as an internationally-acclaimed German automotive brand with the launch of the award-winning and highly-anticipated BX5 and BX7 intelligent SUV’s.
BORGWARD upholds the brand value of “ingenuity, intelligence, breakthrough and enjoyment" creating a German smart car brand beyond luxury, and achieving the brand vision of intelligent driven future life. At BORGWARD, we create stable and excellent performance leveraging strong manufacturing of Germany; enable win-win between economy and society using new energy and intelligence; spread “accessible premium” to more consumers by prospective insight in consumer demands; drive global strategy and bring perfect driving and riding experience beyond user’s expectation via a new model of “Resource Pooling and Internet Sharing”, thus creating a smart vehicle life ecology. .
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