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Are we parenting obesity in children?

 Doctors of Emirates Hospitals & Clinics expressed their concern over weight stigma in children


Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Thursday, March 1st 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

Children these days are overweight for various reasons, it is a growing concern in many countries.  Unfortunately the children of UAE are not spared either. There are many reasons that foster obesity like consumption of fried and fatty foods, inactive lifestyle and neglect. Desertion about health is a common factor. Also, lack of guidance and proper direction by parents. Obesity causes harm not just physically but psychologically.

Doctors of Emirates Hospitals & Clinics raised their concern regarding obesity while attending an International School Fair. Dr. Helbees Abdelmalak, Specialist Paediatrician at Emirates Hospitals & Clinics, Conrad branch said, “Obesity is on the rise because parents are neglecting the diet of their children. The importance of nutrition, healthy diet is not passed on. Instant food has become the trend in every household. Even though schools are doing their best by teaching children about healthy lifestyle, their tiffin’s are monitored during food break, they promote a lot of physical activities, but that’s not enough. This effort needs to be carried forward by the parents at home. Parents should encourage outdoor sports or even walking around outside and playing in the park. Such activities can do wonders to children and save them from the clutches of obesity.”

“Beverages play an important role in weight gain. Children daily consume sugary soft drinks and sugary junk food.  Drinking soda, juice, sports drinks and other sugar-sweetened liquids adds on to the weight and also damages their teeth. Schools have strict rules about children getting junk food, cold drinks, chocolates and cakes to school. But home is a place where everything is granted and not supervised. This has an adverse effect on the teeth and health of children. Cavities and tooth decay are common issues that can be avoided”, stated Dr. Sandeep Malhotra, Specialist Paediatric Dentist at Emirates Hospitals & Clinics - Business Bay.

At the International School Fair Dr. Sandeep gave guidelines to parents and children on how to brush, take care of their teeth, what food can be avoided in order to prevent tooth decay. Dr. Helbees spoke to them about healthy eating habits, importance of exercises and how vital it to eat the right food. Both the doctors gave free medical and dental check-up to all the children who attended the fair. Emirates Hospitals & Clinics is part of an Emirates Healthcare Company.

Treating obesity is complex and challenging, hence we need to protect our children from falling prey to it. Kids need improved access to healthy food and physical activity while also getting proper guidance and supervision.


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