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Main » 2015 » December » 7 » ADP to Launch Comprehensive Chronic Diseases Awareness Initiative on Sunday
8:31 AM
ADP to Launch Comprehensive Chronic Diseases Awareness Initiative on Sunday

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Saturday, December 5th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Medical Services Department at Abu Dhabi Police will be launching as of tomorrow, Sunday, a comprehensive chronic diseases awareness initiative via the ‘Weqaya’ Program, which was created by the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD), so as to prevent diseases and their potential complications.

Colonel Jassim Al Tunaiji, Head of the Medical Services Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, said that the initiative reflects the department’s keenness to provide the best medical services and guidance to its staff members, so as to enhance health education and prevent chronic diseases. He also praised the educational and health activities and programs carried out throughout the year by the Health Authority -Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

Adding further, Colonel Al Tunaiji stressed the attention dedicated by the Medical Services Department at ADP to the health of its staff members, their families and community members in general. He also reiterated the department’s keenness to participate in the various medical events activities in order to increase prevention awareness.

For her part, Lt. Colonel Dr. Najla Asaad Taher, Head of the Initiative of Early Detection of Chronic Diseases and Cancer at ADP, explained that the initiative aims to enhance awareness on chronic diseases prevention (Diabetes - obesity- blood pressure – and dyslipidaemia) amongst police staff members and their families, through educational tours and a series of lectures, field visits and preventive medical tests.

Lt. Colonel Dr. Najla Asaad Taher stressed the importance of the novel ‘Weqaya’ (precaution) program, which is designed to give individuals a better understanding of their health status, to assist them in finding the competent doctors and clinics to follow-up on their status, and to choose health-related programs tailored to improve their health in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Adding further, she said: “Early detection contributes to reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes, which are the leading causes of death in the UAE according to the latest medical statistics.” She praised the valuable cooperation with the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD) in implementing the ‘Weqaya’ (precaution) program, and its keenness to provide the necessary medical tests to determine the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Lt. Colonel Dr. Taher explained that: “Based on the program mechanism, individuals get, within five days of the medical examination, a detailed report on their health status, ‘Degree of Precaution’”. The report also displays the previous test results, according to the following categories: Green means that the test results are within the normal average; yellow means that the test results are higher than the normal average; and red means that the test results are much higher than normal average and that the patient needs to see a doctor.

It is worth mentioning that the tests results mentioned in the ‘Weqaya’ (precaution) cards determine blood sugar levels, which is a risk indicator of diabetes; the cholesterol and blood pressure levels; the body mass index (BMI), as well smoking, which constitute risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. The report also uses the "traffic light" system, whereas green refers to normal levels, orange to medium risk, and red to serious risk.

The ‘Weqaya’ (precaution) report cards also contain tips on how to empower people to improve their test results in the future, by making changes in their lifestyle, such as diet, exercise, and ways to quit smoking; as well as how to get additional medical help.

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