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Main » 2015 » September » 22 » ADP Provides Public Safety Awareness for Pilgrims
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ADP Provides Public Safety Awareness for Pilgrims

Called for safe driving and first aid knowledge

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Thursday, September 17th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) has urged the nation’s pilgrims to adhere to the public health and safety standards. The ADP, who has provided vehicles for pilgrims wishing to travel by road, has called upon those who wish to use their own vehicles to check the technical condition of their vehicles in order to ensure the validity and safety of the tires and to promote safe driving measures on the roads.

The Emergency and Public Safety Department has distributed awareness leaflets for pilgrims at the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain airports and at the Ghuwaifat Border. The leaflets include advice and guidelines in first aid and prevention procedures alongside the proper steps that should be followed in the scope of the public safety.

Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Al Ameri, Head of the Emergency and Public Safety Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said: “The awareness tips focused on first aid in order to acquaint pilgrims with the steps and the means to handle situations that require the use of first aid.” As an example, Al Ameri recommended that in the event that someone is burned, the burn or infection should be cooled down by pouring cold water on it before being covered with a clean and moistened gauze. The injured person should then be transferred to the health mission headquarters or to the nearest ambulance station. “Those with chronic diseases should make sure to bring a sufficient amount of medicine with them as they travel,” he also advised.

He added that the ambulance teams are present all along the way, and are available to perform 24-hour services when needed. “It is advised that pilgrims who are traveling by road should divide the distance into stages so as to include breaks in between that will restore your energy and ability to focus. It’s also best to avoid traveling during the middle of the day.”

For his part, Lt. Colonel Salah Abdullah Al Hemairi, Chief of the Al Ain Traffic Section, advised drivers traveling by road to perform the Hajj rituals to check the technical condition of their vehicles, which includes checking the electrical connections and the cooling and ventilation systems. He also urged them to ensure the safety of their tires, pointing out that they wear out and must be periodically replaced. Al Hemairi said that by checking the tires, drivers can identify the wear and tear on their tires based on distance, weather conditions, quality of the tires, and quality of the roads.

Moreover, he emphasized the need to use seatbelts while driving, to comply with cargo restrictions, and to ensure that the drivers have all necessary documentation for their vehicles including insurance and all identification and travel documents for the travelers. He warned against eating dairy products or taking medications that may cause drowsiness and ultimately reduce the ability to concentrate. He advised against driving long distances at a time in order to avoid fatigue, and urged for travelers to give themselves a sufficient amount of rest throughout the traveling period.

Adding further, he addressed the need to abide by the legal speed and cargo limits, and to leave sufficient distance between vehicles in order to maintain their safety and the safety of others.

The Al Ain International Airport Police Station, in cooperation with the Al Ain Emergency and Public Safety Department, distributed awareness brochures about first aid and the safety and prevention requirements to the pilgrims who are using the airport as their means of travel to the Holy Land.

Major Khamis  Awadh  Al Wuhayshi,  the Rescue and Rapid Intervention Branch Manager of the Al Ain Emergency and Public Safety Department, noted that the police and its departments have provided all the necessary  facilities for the pilgrims; which is in accordance with its leading role as a vanguard of institutions that  facilitates traveling pilgrims and maintains their safety.

Major Ali Saeed Al Shebli, Air Freight Branch Manager at the Al Ain International Airport Police, supervised the distribution of the awareness leaflets and gifts for the pilgrims in addition to providing general advice to travelers to keep their property and official documents with them.  

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